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It's my birthday and I'll cry if I want to...

So I've had my birthday... I am now the grand old age of 34... there's a nasty rumour starting the rounds at work.. that I'm 37, and have been hiding my real age for years!  Swines, I'm happy to bring in my birth certificate... So I was born in 1980, I've got the CD, you know the one you get in a greeting card... music stars of the day include... Blondie, Eddy Grant, Kate Bush, Spandau Ballett, and Dennis Waterman (I could be so good for you.... brilliant yes?).   Other news, Gandhi wins the Indian election, USA pull out of the Moscow Olympics, John Lennon murdered outside his New York apartment... these events are like dead old... so I suppose I must be! Evidence of my actual age! I'm not too bothered though, my hairdresser made me smile the other day (after telling me I should keep my hair long now... as a shorter style would age me!), she goes "my mother is always harking on that she's glad she knows what she knows"... I always hark on th

Cats, aren't they meant to be low-maintenance, no trouble at all?

How do I feel about my pussy cats?  Mostly they're hard work!  The kitty we had previously was a person really in feline form, Mosey was as fat as could be and liked sitting on newspapers and mithering for food! When my beloved Mosey died, I wasn't prepared for the grief and I didn't realise how dearly I loved him (the night he died I cancelled going to see a Take That tribute act... I was really upset).   Perhaps that's why I hold back from the two we have now, the surly, aggressive, Jimmy, and the nervous, over-grooming Betty.  Rescued from the RSPCA, we got them from kittens, who by account had been badly treated, had a bit of a rough start in life. Jimmy is a killing machine, number one bird assassin! He's better lately, but we've had gifts of tiny birds, bigger pigeons and many, many mice... grim!  The corpses I can cope with... it's when the poor things aren't quite dead... and my conscience  has to ask questions of euthanasia (once I spent ha

Friday Frolics with Work Buds

Trying to blog more, so hand in hand with this comes even more trivia, sorry about that!  So last night, after a box of wine down in the staff kitchen, we headed to:  Friday Food Fight at Upper Campfield Market Was a bloody long walk from Oxford Rd, my horrible work colleagues, were like, "it's only round the corner" "a left after the Palace clock"... I practically sobered up with all that walking and fresh air.  But it was the worth the excursion, just up by Spinningfields, opp Hilton Hotel.   Can only recommend, and would defo go along before it closes at the end of May.  There are loads of different food stands, most of them cost around £5-£6, I read somewhere that the portions are tiny, but I didn't think so, one or two of the different dishes would just be right. You'd be pushed to find something you didn't fancy, the sweet potato chips were tasty tasty, as was the pulled pork and jerk chicken.  I didn't have pudding of my own, b

Blogging mum shortlisted for award (StaffNet - The University of Manchester)

The blogging Goddess that is Kerrie... my inspiration!  She's got to get to that award ceremony... I'm fairly sure she's already eyed up a dress!  I'm lucky to know Kerrie in real life, she's a great colleague and we have a riot at work (when we're not like running the University). Blogging mum shortlisted for award (StaffNet - The University of Manchester) What's in it for me... if we all vote, she's promised baked goods.... and songs at Team Brief... VOTE KEZZER x

Silly Musings....

My role, PA to these two 1. As soon as I turn on either the hoover (seldom) or hair-dryer, my daughter starts a conversation with me... I indicate I can't hear her, she mithers it's important, I switch off appliances... it's utter trivia 'you know Mia at school, she has a lovely new head-band'....  2. When I've left my two upstairs unattended for more than five minutes, they've flooded the bathroom... splisp splash splosh.... the price you pay for five minutes peace (as long as water isn't leaking through ceiling...).  3. Before the kids, I must of like swept up three times in my life... honestly these days a broom is permanently attached to my arm in our house.  I'm not kidding, once I considered taking a dustpan and brush to our local cafe, as the looks they gave me when Willow attacked a teacake the time before.  Accessory? 4.  When you're running late for a party... the sellotape and scissors are nowhere to be found...