Why I love The Great British Bake Off #GBBO


Well, obviously, the first things to spring to mind are; a) it’s bloody brilliant and the best thing on telly by far (even better than Downton*) and b) it’s about cake!

So, I do love it, I love the tent, I love Mary (I actually sometimes, late at night, worry about her mortality), I love Mel and Sue, I love the contestants, I love the cooking equipment, everything absolutely everything.  To note, I did used to love Paul, I’m coming back round… he’s slowly getting back into my good books (I do love his soft scouse accent mind).

What’s great about it; it’s like real life, sometimes your cakes just don’t rise, and you have to slap on a bit of unplanned butter cream to patch it up.  All the mishaps I’ve seen have taken place in my very own kitchen, such as:  cakes falling out of oven, forgetting to add sugar, angrily throwing cakes in bin (and then having to nip to the 24 hour Tesco for more ingredients to re-do birthday cake).   Like I say; sometimes, they just don’t work out.

The bakes, a lot of the time, look homemade, and you think “you know what, I could make a roulade like that at home”.  Could you be inspired to make an ‘assiette of rhubarb’ from MasterChef (I’m sure some posho’s do... make yourself known)?

As if you'd make this for your pudding?

The contestants are real people, some of them even tweet me; Howard from last series is my fave, and is very interactive with his public.  Chetna from this series, tweeted that my daughter was cute.  Do they, I wonder, become celebrities after, or go back to their usual lives, but, like, get taken advantage of at every opportunity to whip up a batch of cupcakes for charity?  I love it when real life intervenes for them and they’re having to wing it, because they’ve had no time for practice that week.  I love their look of horror faced with a tricky ‘technical bake’.  

It’s a real family treat to settle down and tune in; we have ‘bake off treats’ and everything, usually a family bag of Revels (homemade, of course)…

They don't usually last through the signature bake!

Mel and Sue, their enthusiasm for the show is great to watch.  And their silly humour sometimes makes no sense, but it makes me laugh.

Queen Mary of Berry….what a woman, keeps Paul in check, always ready with a compliment when it’s gone truly wrong (“well the lemon taste is beautifully coming through” when the cake in question is half an inch high and the cream icing has curdled).  And always, she has the perfect manicure.

One final thing… soggy bottoms….

xx Emma-Lou

Thanks to Tom, for giving me the posho name for a fancy desert ‘assiette of rhubarb’ (as if I'd know that).

*Downton has gone down the pan, we don’t bother anymore, but when it was good it was very very good.


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