Nativity 3, Save the Children, National Christmas Jumper Day

Well check me out, a serious blogger these days (not really... as if!), a review from moi!

So Lizzy, her mate and me donned our Christmas Jumpers and went to the FILM PREMIERE of 'Nativity 3', some might call it an advanced screening... pah me and the girls got off on saying "attending a film premiere darling".

We were lucky to score the tickets, mostly because we've been on count down for the release of Nativity 3 and as a family economising/saving for Christmas; a freebie day out was right up our street!  So the only stipulation was, we needed to wear our Christmas jumpers.  As if this is hardship, poor Mr C was rudely awoken by me mithering him to get up in the loft for the Christmas box...

So on with our Christmas jumpers, we looked simply beautiful, mine I realise is a bit silly, with the snowman's carrot nose potruding out! But I can carry it off....

Trying to look cool!

We arrived to face paints, elf hats, letters to Santa desk.  Willow wasn't with me so I wrote and posted a letter on his behalf:

"Dear Santa,

On behalf of my three year old son.  He is sincerely sorry he punched you in the beard once (it was a misunderstanding), he keeps his temper (mostly) in check these days.  Please can he have a postman pat train!

Thank you, Emma-Louise for Hell Boy" 

Take that FC!

My favourite activity of the morning was the Nativity 3 photo booth!  Loved it, I think it would only promote the film if they used it on the side of a bus (just an idea).  Mind you, I equally loved the freebie popcorn, Thomas Tucker, fruits of the forest flavour, never enjoyed popcorn so much. 

So the film.  Well I haven't actually seen Nativity 1 or 2, but on the back of this will defo look them out.  It was silly Christmas fun.  Mr Poppy was ace, the children were brilliant, Martin Clunes and Catherine Tate very good.  My favourite was Flash Dancer Extraordinnaire Brendan Finch, his styling was bang on, I'm not kidding this is a look I'd go for...   What I did enjoy most was the sing-along musical interludes... if 'Dude where's my Donkey' isn't in the running for Christmas Number 1, there's no justice (sod off X Factor winner!).

So, my Christmas Jumper has had an airing, without question, I'll be honouring National Christmas Jumper Day on 12th December, in fact, I might change it to, National Christmas Jumper Week...

I'm going to hound my friends, family and colleagues to do the same, and raise pennies for the Save the Children Campaign...  I'll state it here, for those who get involved, I'll reward you with Christmas baked goods (my cranberry white chocolate cookies are legendary).  x

xx Emma-Lou 


  1. It was a lovely silly family friendly film. Was great seeing a silly carrot protruding Christmas jumper, so mine wasn't the only one. :-)

  2. As proud as I am of my knitted carrot jumper; I made sure to zip up my jacket as I walked back through TC carpark, what a great morning out. x


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