Moaning about her moaning about being stuck in and moaning....

I've not been well for a few days, I feel better this weekend but still not 'right'... If ever I am 'right' of course (some would argue).

So, I'm up and about, shopping at Morrisons, picking up kids birthday pressies from Argos, I've hoovered upstairs, I'm not like dead ill.  But I could do with sitting down and resting a bit.  Heading back from a quick family visit; the kids in the back hint strongly that they'd like to go the park for a bit... to make matters worse, that girl of mine, as we're at lights, spots her mate safety-helmeted up in fine fettle riding towards the park.

Usually, I would take them, I really would, I like going, we go swimming, library, ice cream parlour, baby visiting, shopping trips into town, coffee, national trust outings, lunches out, family visiting, miniature train riding; we do it all.  Our weekends are non-stop dropping off/picking up... sleep overs, buying and wrapping kids party presents (looking for the bloody sellotape), going to these parties, helping at these parties.  And I don't usually moan... I really like the busyness of our life; I'm lucky my two go to bed handy and me and him get down time together most evenings.

So why do I feel so guilty... it'd only take half-hour... but it's cold and my lower back aches.... I've just got him to pump her wheel.... why?   I'm not taking her... but she's moaning about being cooped up all day, I might take her out as he baths the lad after tea... just for 15 minutes round the block!

Two things, having kids... a. ruins your weekends and b. makes you feel guilty!

xx Emma-Lou


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