A to Z of Me

A to Z of me... idea stolen from Ally from MessedUpMum

A-Z of me!

We're so proud of our lovely lad Willow, who is about to be diagnosed with autism.  We play it down, I hardly mention it, it's not a big thing.  We decided that Willow will always be a child with autism not an autistic child. 

When I was 16; I went on a 18-30 holiday to Benidorm; looking back it was grim, but I bet at the time, I revelled in it and had a riot!

We live in Chorlton in Manchester and I feel at home here, I can't see us ever moving out of the area. 

I prefer dogs to cats (but don't tell my two pussycats Jimmy and Betty).  

I'm funny about the hyphen in my name Emma-Louise, I might say I don't but if you call me Emma, I get the hump!

I probably give my kids fish fingers far more than I should. 

Great Expectations is fabulous and I truly believe that anybody who hasn't read it, is missing out. 

I love overnight stays in hotels; I love the little freebie shampoos, very well made tucked in beds, black out curtains and breakfast buffets. 

I loathe and detest In the Night Garden; Macka Pakka and his curly bum freak me out! 

I've always fancied Jason from Take That. 

I have a dodgy right knee; it creaks  and pains when I stand up and use the stairs, I wonder it might be an idea to go on a waiting list for knee replacement now.  

My daughter Lizzy makes me laugh and smile every single day. 

My mum died a couple of years ago; and I miss her very much. 

I'm an optimist; even in light of this new government. 

I'm saving Northanger Abbey by Jane Austin; it's the only one I haven't read, but once I've read it, that's the whole catalogue... so I'll keep it a while longer. 

I love port; sad but true. 

The Queen is Dead is by far the best album of my life.... take me out tonight, where there's music, and there's people, who are young and alive....

I'm a massive bookworm; I love reading.  My reading list is varied, high-brow literature to absolute trash. 

I've four siblings:  Lynne-Marie, Sarah-Jayne, Lucy-Anne and bro Ben.   

I've been married this time for thirteen years; I love being married, my husband is a stud. 

I'm very proud to work at the University of Manchester.

My favourite place in the whole world is the Vondelpark in Amsterdam; it reminds me of my honeymoon and the days when we didn't have to go on holiday with our children (oh how I'd love a city break with just Mr C. Is it frowned upon to check your kids into a children's home for a couple of nights?). 

My maiden name is Wilkinson; which I much prefer to my married name. 

Weirdly, I do my bit with eXercise; I gym and run quite a bit. 

My favourite colour is yellow

The worst holiday we ever had was in Zante

xx Emma-Lou

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  1. Fab-u-lous! As always, did you see what I did there?! ;)

  2. Your Will will always be Will, not a label xxx

    1. yes very much anti label. It doesn't matter, it is what it is xxxx love

  3. What a fabulous idea, love a good list! Always a pleasure to read your blog. I enjoy finding out random bits of info about people but I found the bit about Northanger Abbey quite poignant. It gave me a lump in my throat.

    For me, I personally prefer autism first but fully respect everyone's point of view on how they describe someone with ASC as long as it is with love & respect, which I know Will has by the bucket load.

    Welcome to the club Will, it is where all the cool kids hang out xxx

  4. Thanks Anna mate. All is cool beans with our young Willow. Surely you've seen how gorgeously cute he is? With those good looks he'll be grand.

    Hey, so you reckon I should keep holding back with Northanger Abbey? Knew you'd get my meaning. xxx

  5. Gorgeous & cute, most definitely, but I really love his sense of style. Such a dapper dresser!

    I am not one for keeping things back in general, but I do understand the sadness of the idea of finishing. End of an era. It is like when children grow out of an age range of clothes, wonderful that they are healthy, growing & thriving but sad that they will never be that size again. A very tricky dilemma & certainly one that only you can decide on. Xxx

  6. haha... In the Night Garden freaks me out a little bit too.. but not as much a Mr. Tumble! Who knew children't tele was so strange?

  7. Omg I've always called you Emma, sorry, haha! I love that yu think Iggle Piggle has a curly bum!!! You're hilarious. Let's book a hotel one night then so we can get drunk and rob the freebies. Typical scousers, haha! x

    1. I meant Makka Pakka! Defo would be up for a hotel trip, could do with a new shower cap! x

  8. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  9. Great list! I love finding out little facts about people, think it's cause I'm really nosey! :)


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