Blog on at MOSI - fully fledged delegate...

So my first blogging conference.  Blog On.  I only got a late waiting list place, so the event crept up on me.  From getting my ticket on Thursday it was on my mind: 

What to expect? 
    What will they (not sure who the 'they' actually are) think of me? 
         Will they think I'm a big fat fraud? 
              What if they ask me hard questions? 
                   What if nobody likes me? 
                         What will I wear? 

Other concerns were,  will my husband actually kill our children having to fend for himself, him against them all day on a Saturday (it was touch and go!). 

I love MOSI and was glad of an excuse to use their conference space (as a PA I'm always nosy for what's available). I lined up for registration, at this point I was at my most nervous, everybody was dead pally and seemed to know each other.  Once I got through and steadied my nerves with a cuppa, I was calmer and chatting to other girls (I only recall seeing one dude, so I will refer to you all as the fairer sex, sorry to said gentleman). 

The opening session, was from Nickie O'Hara...  I got fired up about getting on top of my many to-do lists, and get organised, following her talk on time management.  As a PA, I'm great at work, making lists, getting organised, prioritising tasks coming in, juggling many projects at once (at the same timing answering emails/phone calls and looking after academics coming in needing me to hold their hand when they need a post it note from the stationery cupboard!).  But this proactive approach hasn't transpired over to my blogging life... Well I'm making a special trip to Paperchase to buy a beautiful notebook, specially for all my marvellous ideas and plans!   This notebook will transform me into a super-duper blogger... mark my words! 

The second session was about cameras and photos, I was impressed with the photography displayed by Jenny Soppet Smith.  I realised that with a little effort and learning to edit my photos they might look half decent. I will work on it.  What about this for a photo, mostly with Jenny, I was impressed by her leggings. 
Vlogging... I'm not sure I'm brave enough just yet, but it was interesting to hear how this medium is taking off.  Who knows, perhaps I'll be massive on youtube, but I worry my Scouse accent becomes a million times thicker when the camera rolls. 

Lunch, all very tasty, was nice to take a minute to sit down and chat with a lovely new blogger Cheryl Eardly, she was a giggle, as new and thick to all the blogging jargon as I am.  The beginner blogger session, was interesting, and perhaps a lesson that I should learn more about the intricacies of how it all works.  

The stands outside were brill, I was nervous at first, but was gassing along like the best of them after a few stalls.  I loved the hula-hoop (I was rubbish), and was massively impressed with the wallpapering (in the past, wallpapering hasn't worked out for me! But I'd certainly use that brand). Not sure how or why I agreed to this, but I may have to clean my oven... for the good of mankind (and Oven Pride)... I'll attempt this. 
The things I'll do in the quest for fame!

Now, here is where I started to really enjoy myself, I've known Kerrie (Wife, Mum, Student Bum) for a few years and she's a love and a riot, she was dead good to me, when I say good, inching us nearer to the prosecco stand (thanks to TheCo-op).  From here, we hooked up with Ally (Messedupmum) who I met at another do (think we could be kindred spirits), and a truly lovely lady Philippa (Soundinglikemymother).  Well the four of us got quite squiffy, there was just so much fizzy wine. 
The Co-op know how to throw a party!

Back for the last session, sorry to say, I was on the giggly naughty table (I blame Kerrie).  To give real appreciation to NortonMum, her poetry always makes me smile, she's a real talent, and I actively follow her blog. 
Networking and all that...
Goody bags!  errr WOW... I wasn't expecting to be so spoilt!  I'm a girl who likes random items, in no particular order, my top five:  

      e-cloths (for wiping down and washing up, very handy, I love em')
      Beautiful buttons (not sure when I'll use them but they're so pretty) 
      Note book (ewe are my sunshine with a lovely picture of a sheep on it it, get it)
      Drumstick MEGA lollies (gorgeousness on a stick) 
      Fox waterbottle (my daughter has her eye on this) 

'My' water bottle
I won the toy prize, I never win anything, so to win a handful of toys... I gave a hell of a whoop.  I'll blog separately about the dinosaur, but my little lad received all the toys with giddy excitement, very cute to see (Brainstorm Ltd Toys) 

With all these bags, I was literally stranded in town and had to call my husband to fetch me, I think he thought I was being dramatic, but once he saw all my bags he understood, as a thanks for the lift I shared my takeaway voucher (from Hungry House), I'm good like that.  

Saving my biggest thank you till last; Laura Seaton, wow you pulled it off, and never once looked flustered or fed up!  Well done mate, I can't wait until next year!  

xx Emma-Lou


  1. It was a great day. I love Blog On it's boss. Was great to see you :) xxx

  2. It was great to meet you hun! Happy blogging! ;)

    1. Yes, Catherine, everybody was dead nice, silly really I was so nervous.

  3. Got quite squiffy? I've no idea what you mean... ;). I'm so glad you were able to come to Boig On and it was ace to finally meet you. I really can't wait for next year :) xx

  4. Who was it that laughed at my use of the word 'squiffy'; think it was Kerrie. Hope Philippa I see you again before BlogOn 2016 x

  5. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  6. I can't believe you're in charge of the stationery cupboard at work. I'm in awe!!

  7. I am... bow down before me! Rub me up the wrong way.. and well you'll never see a pukka pad again... I HAVE THE POWER! x

  8. It was a great day wasn't it. I wish I'd gotten a picture of Jenny's leggings they were fab. Hope to see you again soon x


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