Thursday drinks out.... Revolution Wilmslow

So out and about again, on the back of my little here blog!  This time to Revolution in Wilmslow.  I'd been in touch with their events organiser, Nicola and she'd invited me for a meal and cocktails.  As if I need inviting twice!  
Serious Blogger Selfie

So of course, mid-week I took Priya, one of these days I will take faithful old Mr. C on one of my blogging outings, but it seems a shame to pay a babysitter, when Priya is equally as faithful and keen! 

I have been to Revolution quite a bit, well the one in town on Oxford Road, I work at the University so it's a staple party venue, and we've used their function room upstairs loads.  Always, well organised, with light food and drinks vouchers.  Nicola mentioned Oxford Road was the first in the branch of Revolution bars. 

So a couple of Thursday's ago.  I bobbed over to Wilmslow, Revolution.  Wilmslow itself is proper smart, driving through the village; it's bar upon bar of flash looking places.  Parking was easy enough at the back (or front, not sure, it has entrances from the main road and a bigger entrance near to the carpark).  

I was impressed the minute I stepped in, Wilmslow Rev' is a smart looking bar, so slick in layout and so stylishly done out.  Nicola was enthusiastic to show me round, it's almost devious in design, as you wouldn't expect to turn corners and see such space. The function spaces can be adapted to suit smaller hen type parties or larger work/corporate dos.  I'd certainly like my Christmas party to be held upstairs, you'd feel like a VIP heading there (of course I did; I am celeb blogger these days).   

Food, really nice, menu a nice read giving a good description, I was between a few things, but went for burittos (pulled salted beef); Pri had a burger, when I say burger, it's not like just a burger, lifted from the menu "Smoked cheddar, streaky bacon, BBQ fried onions, Wotsits, smokinnaise, chorizo ketchup"... yeah nice. Food nicely served, attentive service, friendly. 

I'd eat them all me... difficult to choose

Of course, to give a good review I had to have a couple of cocktails.... I'm nothing if not thorough! A good few to choose from, first I had 'The English Windmill'; I don't actually go in for cocktails; but if I do, I go for old-school 'Long Island Iced Tea'. But I'm glad I opted for a change.  The drinks look good as they arrive and are obviously mixed well as they taste really nice (very alcoholic but not wince-ingly so, nice alcoholic!). 

Priya chose my next one... not sure I get her point... 
It's called a smug b*, I'd be insulted but it tasted so good!

Summing up, Wilmslow Revolution is worth a trip, it has a nice vibe, a twist on a usual bar menu, and cocktails that would make any night a riot! 

xx Emma-Lou 


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