I love parks...

So, School holiday's coming up, I do have to work some of it, and have a holiday to South Devon booked towards the end of August. But there's still a lot of days left to fill, I haven't got pots of money to spend on days out.... I will spend up in Drayton Manor and the like I'm sure (perhaps having to re-mortgage the house...). However I am lucky that my impoverished children like a trip out that costs nil: museums, libraries, art galleries, a little ride on the bus (although bus fare is nearly as expensive as air travel in Manchester). 

Where we live in Manchester, we're lucky to have brilliant park action going.  On Instagram, I've been charting my park activities, not a single person is interested mind, but I'll share on here my park summer tour to date. 

Bad Mother, I do take beers....

Round-about and Round-about

Park Selfie (have to... sorry it's an affliction I have!)
Phwoarh handsome husband alert

Sorry I am a gobshite... I do yoga in the park (I'm just learning) 

There will be more in the series of #parklife... follow me on Instagram @emmaloucul80

xx Emma-Lou 


  1. I haven't seen these pics on Instagram! Maybe I don't pay enough attention!? Impressed at the yoga in the park (and the beer).

  2. The yoga in the park was only once... the beers more often that not! I love pinics... one day I'm going to treat myself to a proper picnic basket xx
    I will start testing you on my instagram coverage, so do pay attention Phillipa! x

  3. Looks like a lovely day out! You don't have to spend loads of money to have a good time! Sometimes it's the company and perhaps location (...and weather) that matter!

    Oliver x

  4. This is fantastic! Any amazing parks in particular to recommend? :)


  5. All of them in Chorlton, but I do favour Longford (technically Stretford but a short walk from our house), it has cafe, playground, pets corner, walls to walk on, flowered garden, very beautiful x


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