Not being a part-time mum (bee in bonnet) x

So the summer holidays as a working mum nearly finished me off.  I'm lucky I work in the public sector as flexi time comes into play and there is a general support for working mums (and dads).  

A few times over the summer I did consider ringing social services and putting them in a home!  Nah just kidding, I did mull over applying for a term time contract but have ruled this out.  It sounds a nice idea, and financially it isn't such a drop from my usual salary over a year... but I reckon it'd make for being really busy before the leave and really busy on my return.  I like work too, reckon I'd lose touch of things with a nearly seven week break, I'm a real use it or lose it girl... once after the Christmas holidays I forgot how to cut and paste!   

The real reason though is.... I don't want to spend so much time with my kids... they'd drive me mad. I'm a good mum, I keep them well stimulated, I give over a lot of my time, I sit and colour, drag them back to base on those rubbish zip wire swings, I indulge their silly made up games, and genuinely I enjoy the time we have together. BUT I would less so if I didn't work.  I'm not a bad person for wanting to work to get away from them, am I?  Staying at home with them simply doesn't appeal, especially now they're both at full-time school. 
Taking them out on the cheap, swimming and library

As a working woman (admittedly I'm not setting the world a blaze with my outstanding career or that) I think it's good for my daughter to see, that you can do it all, manage a work/life balance (although if I'm being honest the standard of housekeeping is poor).  When I say work/life  balance... I mean moaning about both in equal measures.  

To make it clear though, I work part-time (30 hours a week) but I still qualify as being a FULL-TIME mum, somebody doesn't step in and job share that role when I'm at work, I still do EVERYTHING that fills the brief of parent. 

xx Emma-Lou

Just to note, Mr C (also works full time in the building private sector) and it's a combined effort that we juggle/manage it all (in a fashion).  


  1. I can imagine being a mum is a lot of work - I'm sure you;re doing an amazing job x

  2. You do an amazing job, I don't think I would cope with children! xx


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