WomanFlu Emma-Lou Stylee

That time of year again!   Bugs and colds and snot and head-colds and awfulness... I can't abide it... 

I've been poorly this week (do send your prayers and thoughts), no more than a cold I'd say, but good grief I've moaned about it... I can't stand it, if I just accepted the fact that I was ill and took myself off for a couple of early nights, I'm sure I'd shift it, but I just can't (I'm scared of missing out on owt). 

It's Mr C I feel sorry for most, as he fares the worst from my winter ailments.  Last night in bed, I cried that I was sick of being ill, that I felt like a leper, and was lonely (come on I've only been grounded a day or two), yes a touch dramatic.  In our early courtship we used to write little love letters to each other, mailing them over the distance Liverpool to Manchester.  After a month or two of going out, I fell ill and I filled two pages back to back of finest writing paper simply moaning about being sick. So I use this as a disclaimer, he knew I was somewhat dramatic when it comes to coughs and things. 

Bless him, Mr. C once got quinsy, look it up... nobody since Victorian times gets quinsy and it can be fatal.  Yeah he got this quinsy and I was so preoccupied with my own scratchy throat I didn't give him an ounce of sympathy or care (I did feel a bit guilty when I realised he was actually near death). 

I'm sure I'll be fine, I'm sure I'll make the weekend???? I'm back on The Sudafeds, I've joked about this before, but if I was ever found in suspicious circumstances dead of a mystery overdose... I've told those near to me to pretend I'd OD'd on something more exciting, like hardcore party drugs rather than decongestants!  

Sniffle, sniffle 

xx Emma-Lou x


  1. Hope you get through the woman flu. It's the worst. X


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