BFG the bestest Film EVER

I got a freebie nectarcard swap for Vue cinema tickets, two tickets for 1000 points. I didn't notice these points climbing up with my shopping, so it did feel like a freebie. The cost of going to the cinema is pricey I think.  A real dear do for a family of four, it rings up at nearly forty dabs.  Anyhow, I didn't hand over any cash this time, so I'll get off my soap box. 

Cinema Pals 

Pick a Mix... now to re-mortgage the house...

The BFG is brilliant, one of the best adaptations of a children's book to make it to the big screen.  Wow, is all I can say, when he reached into grab Sophie with his giant hand, the whole cinema gasped!  I'd say don't stream this film, to appreciate all the effects, it has to be seen at the cinema!  

With every wave of his massive ears, I loved BFG more, his character and personality 100% nailed.   Sophie with her bossy strut, but lonely demeanour also portrayed as I saw her in the book. 

Worth noting, Lizzy hasn't read this one by Roald Dahl, I think I bigged it up too much when she was a smidge young for it, and turned her off!  Her not having read it, didn't matter a jot though, she loved it too. 

Lizzy's best bit:  When the Queen's corgi dogs had green windy farts (#obvs, she's ten!)

Best kids film of the year 5 massive stars! 

xx Emma-Lou


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