New Year... Resolutions...

Happy New Year to all!  

Resolutions, well I'm clearly an expert on them, so much so I was called as an official expert on the telly this morning.  Actually, my strap line on BBC Breakfast was 'Emma-Louise Cullen, Blogger'.... well it's been quite a while, but to kowtow to the BBC's image of me.... here I am, Emma-Louise Cullen blogger! 

So resolutions, well usually I have a list, here is my list from 2016 (not exhaustive):  

  • to read a book a week 
  • to gym every other day 
  • to spend 30 minutes a day playing with each of my children 
  • cleanse, tone, moisturise
  • limit Facebook 
  • banish the biscuits 
  • limit coffee to one per day 
  • blow dry/style hair everyday 
  • all the time spending NO MONEY 

Well I kept to errr none of those, I did read more, but alas I didn't get to the grand total of 52!  I wonder looking back at this list; did I at the time feel guilty about not spending so much time with the kids.  This isn't a concern for me at the moment, actually after the Christmas holidays.... my 2017 resolution is to see less of them (just kidding, my children are darlings!).  As if I'd never have a biscuit ever again, I might as well be dead!  

Despite not ticking any of this off, 2016 was a good year for us, we had our share of worries and anxiety, but all in all it was a good year.  I'm grateful and thankful.  I don't like to buy into this 2016 year of doom. Yes, I mourned Prince and Victoria Wood; but I put this into perspective.  The decision to exit the EU, what a kick in the guts, then our new PM, another kick, and then beyond disbelief, Trump!  No words! 

In 2016, we organised our finances, we're not rich or that, but we pay less on gas/elec, I rang up Sky giving out and they gave us a cheap deal.  These and other small changes have made a difference, and we feel better about cash flow.  I attended a faith matters course at Church, and made the decision to get confirmed, this relationship with God is to be celebrated.  Our son, Willow continues to make us proud with his lovely ways, his progress at School and home makes our heart swell.  Miss Lizzy, well she is turning into a young lady at an alarming rate.  In Year 6, she's gearing up to high school, and it's apparent what a bright and kind girl she is.  [crowing over]  Mr C and I have had some sneaky days out, we even went on a city break, on a bloody plane, without our children.   My volunteering with my in-care lad is ace too, his feedback of me was "I was the nicest person he'd ever met" (ahhhh he'd never say that to my face).  We're all fit and well, and we can only give thanks for that.   

So, despite being crap at the resolutions, it's as well.  

This year, my resolutions (conclusive): 

  • Sleep more, early nights a plenty 
  • Worry less, not getting caught up in the small stuff 
  • Go to the Savoy Cinema monthly with Mr. C

After chatting to Emma Kennedy, you know my red sofa pal (she's really the expert), I realise I need to put things in place to help with my worry free existence.... I'm to start locking the children in cupboards.... Kidding, I'm thinking about mindfulness and fresh air, and most crucially making time for myself to calm, this might be going the gym, reading, seeing my friends more, spa days....  bugger.... I'm starting on a list for 2017! 

Happy New Year, xx Emma-Lou 
ELC on the Telly 


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