Not making lists #SISILTDBND

I'm a girl who like lists.   I make a list every night before I go to bed, as I eat my breakfast, as I drive into work, during my working day.  These are often mental lists but I write them down too. Obvs I have a lovely collection of list books from Paperchase. I mostly tick things off, the more practical sort of task: 

  • Check out online shop 
  • Post birthday card
  • Mop throughout downstairs
  • RSVP to such-a-body's kids party
  • PayPal for Y6 collection 

These are sort of important, dull certainly, but to a degree vital to the workings of family life.  It's the other things I put down: 

  • Read for half-hour or 50 pages
  • Don't go on FB
  • Don't eat any biscuits 
  • WhatsApp three friends
  • Make time to read with Willow for 30 minutes 
  • Drink herbal brews instead of coffee

These sort of additions seldom get ticked off.  As they sit un-ticked, often copied to my new/next day list, I feel the pressure of them.  It's silly I myself put myself under this undue pressure.  I feel stressed by these what are supposed to be stress relieving/well-being activities.   My lists are ridiculous,  I do read with the kids, I do message my friends, drinking peppermint tea isn't a chore really.  

So, I've given up on the lists.... well nearly.  Instead, I've started on a silly personal thing, #SISILTDBND.  This, not at all catchy acronym, Stuff I Say I'd Like To Do But Never Do.  I think of one thing that has been nagging at me and I do it.  I quite often don't even write it down, I can remember one thing.  It's a crying shame all those beautiful list books laying to waste.  

So far, at weekends, instead of jumping up and going about my busy life slimming world, music clubs, shopping, kids parties, dropping off, picking up, church... yadda yadda (why has yadda got a squiggly red line... surely it is a word).  One #SISILTDBND is to have a coffee in bed before the kids get up, contemplating.  I've done it about three times #winning.

Others are less exciting, I decided a few weeks ago, that I'm not taking the lift anymore. So far I've kept to it. I park on the 11th floor at work, I'll have buns of steel. 

This week I thought, as it has been nagging me, to re-engage with my blog-dog. So here I am... all good intentions.  I'm not sure as a hashtag #SISILTDBND will crack on, but it's working for me and keeping my list making at bay.... 

What is your #SYSYLTDBND (see I changed the I to You there) 

xx Emma-Lou

To note, remembering I am a PA extraordinaire, I continue to make amazing lists at work. 


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