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Book Review: The Vanishing Act of Esme Lennox by Maggie O'Farrell

I loved this book, it started quickly and to the point.  It is a short work so I suppose build up and time is spared, this does not detract from the quality of writing. The telling of Esme's backstory unfolds over the course of the book, at the same time drives forward from the point of now.  I found the rambling short bursts of her sister Kitty the most moving, this writing shows the secret locked in world of those suffering Alzheimer's Disease, how a person can forget their current situation, getting stuck on the most simple responses, like 'Do I like yogurt?', but can recall in depth incidents from decades ago.  I attended a dementia talk recently and heard how powerful our emotional memory can be. I'm not sure how much sympathy I held for Kitty in her youth, but looking in at her as an aged old lady in a nursing home she struck a vulnerable figure.  Esme herself does not give much away but when she does, gosh, it is heartbreaking.  When she is being d

Boring being busy...

Hello there,  Such a long time.  What can I say... yarder yarder.... I've been busy.  Everyone is busy.... peril of modern life, trying to fit it all in.  Do we lose out?  Are we missing out on our actual lives by squeezing so much in.  My little lad was playing, pretending to me be, he puffs and blows rushing around and barks "I do not have time for this!" (giving him credit for nailing my scouse accent mind).  Have to say I was heartbroken, I do fit a lot in, but for the sake of the kids, trying I suppose to give them this cherished, wonderful childhood... They don't do too bad, they get a lot of my time, we eat together every night, we read together at bedtime, we go for walks after tea, the older girl gets impromptu trips to the TC, we watch BGT together with popcorn, I help them with their homework, they talk to me ALL THE TIME... I do give them enough of me!   Once the pair of them are in bed, I'm fit for nowt, I fall asleep on the sofa.... my hub doesn