Lenting.... giving up the sacrifice.... reaching out instead.....

Lent in the past for me has been about giving up chocolate, sugar, coffee, one perceived vice or another (to note I have never ever thought about sacrificing wine).  The girl child and hub quite often get on board and feel satisfied with themselves for laying off the crisps for forty days. Last year, I took a guided bible reading challenge, that being to read my bible every day throughout Lent.  Funny I called it a challenge, I'm not sure it was actually called or sold as a 'challenge'.  I didn't keep up with it, I felt the pressure of reading and was reading without comprehension, but I was ticking off the days as 'read'.  

I've attended Church Lent group, the last two years and will do again this year.  This has put my Faith in the forefront of my mind during Lent, which I guess is the point of Lent.  

A few weeks ago, I was moaning and being generally dramatic about the ordeal/ hell/ 'I'll never get over it' time I gave up coffee for Lent. Tbh though, it was horrible not having coffee, life was just less... 

Rev. D, (who is of the clergy so he'd know more than me), said that you don't have to 'give up' anything. Another angle was to use the sign of the cross during Lent to change a behaviour, do something positive, tackle a problem, address a difficult relationship, that sort of thing. 

This resonated with me and and I decided to use the forty days of Lent to connect with people more, thinking about the relationships I'd like to make more of, fix, make time for.  These (re)connections have brought about positive discussions about my Faith, how important it is to my life. 

So, if you've had a text/ phone call/ invite/ letter from me.... you know why...  Jesus told me to ring you.... Hee hee, just kidding, what it really means is you popped into my mind and I'd like to catch up with you.  Please be assured I won't be completely on the God-Squad and will mostly discuss other pressing matters.... (Line of Duty is coming back, OMG did you see Tom Hardy in the Battersea Dogs home advert, ohhhh Willow was so cute on world book day, I've seen a lovely tea dress in New Look....) 

xx Emma-Lou 

PS I have given up chocolate too, my crown fell out, it's in the name of dental conservation! 


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