About Me

Emma-Lou, 30-something (just), one husband, two children, two cats (both feral) living in Chorlton, Manchester.  I work happily as a PA at the University.

Busy, full life, many hats: mum/ wife/ friend/ secretary/ colleague/ christian/ befriender/ volunteer/ party-goer/ wine drinker/ eater/ dieter (SW)/ raver/ book worm/ blogger/ runner/ gym-goer/ yoga type (in a fashion)/ champion scrabbler/ talker/ Facebooker 

Niche if you like:  parenting lifestyle commentary given with humour and honesty. 

Over my blog posts I hope you get to know me.  Do email/contact me if you wish (I'd like that).  

These posts give more of me away... 

My first Intro Blog

A-to-Z of Me

xx Emma-Lou 


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