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Too skinny/fat... bore off..

So my second post, I was planning on keeping my ranting ones back for a bit, let you all think I was easy-going and dead nice… however, bee in my bonnet … To point out two things, I’m definitely not the women’s libber type, no way will I be burning my bra, in fact my view on the sexes is likely dated back at times to the 1950s.   If I were to go on a date (unlikely I’m an old married), but if I were asked to pay half… I’d be fuming!   So that cleared up. Also, I don’t majorly know (or care) a lot about Angelina Jolie, only that last year she underwent an elective double mastectomy, the way in which she handled the subsequent media, with such dignity, information and humility was impressive.   Surely she can only be applauded?   Also, she adopts like loads of kids and is married to someone gorgeous. I glimpsed this on my FB today!   So grrr.. why as women do we judge each other in such a way (and it is women who do it).   Angelina on this pic, is looking very skinny,

Intro... dum dum dum...

So my actual first life post... I'm Emma-Louise, hyphenated... (and I'm a tiny bit funny about it even if I say I'm not), 33 years of age, sometimes I get sore about being in my thirties, but mostly I wouldn't want to be younger (like hell I would... spots and uncertainty).  Hometown is Liverpool, lived in the rougher end, no place like home and all that... but I can't see myself ever moving back.  I do love Liverpool though and am very proud of my scouse accent, which after all these years away is becoming less and less (although strangers still detect my Liverpool roots, so it's there a bit, someone recently asked me if I was from Newcastle mind!). Visiting Liverpool is great, there's no place better on earth than Sevvie Park!  These days we live in Chorlton, Manchester.  Those familiar with Manchester, please don't judge me for my M21 Chorlton postcode.  I'm not sustainable or that, I do try not to use carrier bags or leave lights on (but I do