Too skinny/fat... bore off..

So my second post, I was planning on keeping my ranting ones back for a bit, let you all think I was easy-going and dead nice… however, bee in my bonnet …

To point out two things, I’m definitely not the women’s libber type, no way will I be burning my bra, in fact my view on the sexes is likely dated back at times to the 1950s.  If I were to go on a date (unlikely I’m an old married), but if I were asked to pay half… I’d be fuming!  So that cleared up.

Also, I don’t majorly know (or care) a lot about Angelina Jolie, only that last year she underwent an elective double mastectomy, the way in which she handled the subsequent media, with such dignity, information and humility was impressive.  Surely she can only be applauded?  Also, she adopts like loads of kids and is married to someone gorgeous.

I glimpsed this on my FB today! 

So grrr.. why as women do we judge each other in such a way (and it is women who do it).  Angelina on this pic, is looking very skinny, the strapline says, she’s down to 6 and half stone!  Why is that relevant?  All over the world women and girls will be comparing themselves to this 6 and half stone frame.  My guess is that she’s dropped weight owing to stress and possibly recovery from major surgery (this is my musing… I don’t know!).   

I lost a few pounds last year, I was trying a bit but mostly it was due to stress I was going through.  For all my moaning, I’ve never been really big, after pregnancy, I probably went up to a size 14, then slimmed down naturally to my usual, tallish size 12.  At first I got a few comments “you look great “, “what’s your secret”.  I admit, I did enjoy this and I felt better, exercise is easier when I’m lighter, I felt less bloated, I did have a skip in my step.  But after a bit (and I wasn’t like skeletal), the comments got a bit sneery “Emma-Lou you need to eat some cakes”, one particular “Your legs look skinny skinny, how are they keeping you up” (I like my pins so I took this as a low blow).    I just felt it was all a bit mean and judgy… 

[To report after my Christmas mince pie challenge, I’m back to my ‘could do with a pound or two coming off weight but I’m not that bothered until holiday season’.]  

The rest of thread featured a few negative comments “you look awful eat some pies”, “too skinny, bad images for girls to see”.   I just think… please as women lets be kinder to each other, let’s not have our weight be the focus on any attention given to us… surely we should on this pic be perving off Brad anyhow…


  1. Brilliant blog totally true. Women have such a pressure to make themselves yhe perfect stick insect. Horrible! What man ever wanted sticks to hold on too!!!!


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