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Easter Treats.... I feel right tight...

Easter treats, well my poor kids haven't got so much.  I don't usually buy them a pressie, or an outfit... and they only get ONE egg. Usually a nice one... I worry though that they might feel like they're missing out?   I'll do them a little hunt (treats bought for a couple of quid from Aldi), and they get their personalised Thornton's eggs (on offer two for a tenner).  I didn't realise that some kids get like a Samsung Galaxy instead of an Easter Egg (!).  In fact, I might leave them out a little gift, so they don't feel bad when their friends get a Wii... I'd ordered on Amazon Prime 'Grease' on DVD for Lizzy (three dabs) to watch over the school holidays.  For the male offspring, I threw in my trolley a little echo-type microphone, I thought it might encourage his language (£1.50)... so I could give these as Easter offerings...   Easter clothes?  It might be a regional thing, but my kids don't get kitted out.  Easter usually coincid

"Too busy" for blog.... boo hoo... I'm getting over myself now mind!

Well I know you’ve been chomping at the bit for the next instalment of my wonderful here blog!  Just not getting round to it… I meant to write a real fabulous piece this evening, but I kid you not, working out how to re-size my big head has taken a while… pic monkey and me aren’t getting on.  My work mate, and fellow blogger (hark at me), WifeMumStudentBum, said it was dead easy, she’s given me like a million tips as to how to get my blog ‘out there’… wonder about it all really.  But I do like writing, as I see it, extended silly FB statuses!  So, plan is to get my banner organised so my head isn’t giant sized… in real life my forehead is usual size (I’d say), I’ve turned the pages purple too it seems, not so easy on the eye, so I’ll give that some attention (going to commission WifeBumStudentBum to pimp my page in ideal blogger style… it’s not like she’s got anything else on!). Then you’re in for it, I’m going to bore you all rigid with my silly musings.  Watch this space… ne