Easter Treats.... I feel right tight...

Easter treats, well my poor kids haven't got so much.  I don't usually buy them a pressie, or an outfit... and they only get ONE egg. Usually a nice one... I worry though that they might feel like they're missing out?  

I'll do them a little hunt (treats bought for a couple of quid from Aldi), and they get their personalised Thornton's eggs (on offer two for a tenner).  I didn't realise that some kids get like a Samsung Galaxy instead of an Easter Egg (!).  In fact, I might leave them out a little gift, so they don't feel bad when their friends get a Wii... I'd ordered on Amazon Prime 'Grease' on DVD for Lizzy (three dabs) to watch over the school holidays.  For the male offspring, I threw in my trolley a little echo-type microphone, I thought it might encourage his language (£1.50)... so I could give these as Easter offerings...  

Easter clothes?  It might be a regional thing, but my kids don't get kitted out.  Easter usually coincides with a change of seasonal wardrobe and a realisation that my kids have grown out of EVERYTHING and we need to spend up on summer bits at H&M, so they have new things, but not a specific outfit with new trainers. 

I'm not all religious and want my kids only to see that side of it, any faith I have is all over the place, but Jesus is in the air here... Lizzy informed me this week that we get Easter eggs to symbolise the stones outside Jesus' cave....  

Perhaps I'm just tight.... I'll give it some thought for next year, as mine are little now, as they get bigger and start realising what such-a-body gets, I wouldn't want them to feel left out. 

I did buy myself an Easter treat though... three bottles of Prosecco for £12 (at Asda). 

Happy Easter! 

xx Emma-Lou 


  1. We never go overboard at Easter - but they always get a new outfit off their Nan, and she takes them to church, so that's important to her so I'm happy when they're happy of course! This year though - we are absolutely SWAMPED with chocolate eggs, so much so that I am going to be bringing some into the office to share! xxx


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