Cats, aren't they meant to be low-maintenance, no trouble at all?

How do I feel about my pussy cats? 

Mostly they're hard work!  The kitty we had previously was a person really in feline form, Mosey was as fat as could be and liked sitting on newspapers and mithering for food! When my beloved Mosey died, I wasn't prepared for the grief and I didn't realise how dearly I loved him (the night he died I cancelled going to see a Take That tribute act... I was really upset).  

Perhaps that's why I hold back from the two we have now, the surly, aggressive, Jimmy, and the nervous, over-grooming Betty.  Rescued from the RSPCA, we got them from kittens, who by account had been badly treated, had a bit of a rough start in life. Jimmy is a killing machine, number one bird assassin! He's better lately, but we've had gifts of tiny birds, bigger pigeons and many, many mice... grim!  The corpses I can cope with... it's when the poor things aren't quite dead... and my conscience has to ask questions of euthanasia (once I spent half-hour best considering how to finish off a mouse humanely, luckily the mouse expired before I approached with a spade!)

They truly aren't low-maintenance though!  This the other night, sorry it's a bit gross.  I woke up to nasty smell, I'm convinced the smell actually woke me, can you be woken by a smell? Anyway, the first culprit was Willow, so I went to him and give him a sniff, I got ten ways of him telling me to 'sod off', nowty and sleepily 'bye, bye' 'see you later' 'night night' 'bed time' 'no more', but the smell wasn't coming from him (for a change)!  

I went to bathroom to check the toilet and drains, nothing.  But the smell was dreadful, it was like death! I got back into bed, gave husband a prod 'can you smell that dreadful smell', he grunted something or other.. and I went back to sleep but kept waking up to the putrid smell.

Well in the morning, on the stairs was a big pooh left behind by one of the cats... this isn't usual, cats don't pooh all over the house... or do they?  I was fuming... but actually I was relived to find the pooh.. I wondered if I was going nasally mad!  

This was an isolated incident, but the dead animals, Betty looking like a waif and stray whose got mange... they seem like hard work.  But we do love them, Betty went missing for weeks, and I was beside myself, traipsing the streets, pinning posters to lampposts (to note I didn't offer reward). I suppose it's more my fault that I step in their wet-cat-food bowls in bare feet!  

Meow!  xx Emma-Lou 


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