Friday Frolics with Work Buds

Trying to blog more, so hand in hand with this comes even more trivia, sorry about that! 

So last night, after a box of wine down in the staff kitchen, we headed to: 

Friday Food Fight at Upper Campfield Market

Was a bloody long walk from Oxford Rd, my horrible work colleagues, were like, "it's only round the corner" "a left after the Palace clock"... I practically sobered up with all that walking and fresh air. 

But it was the worth the excursion, just up by Spinningfields, opp Hilton Hotel.  

Can only recommend, and would defo go along before it closes at the end of May.  There are loads of different food stands, most of them cost around £5-£6, I read somewhere that the portions are tiny, but I didn't think so, one or two of the different dishes would just be right. You'd be pushed to find something you didn't fancy, the sweet potato chips were tasty tasty, as was the pulled pork and jerk chicken.  I didn't have pudding of my own, but scaved a bit from nearby plates (friends... I'm not some sort of vagrant), will save room next time for cake.. the slices of cake I noticed were massive (enough for two if you're not the greedy type... I wouldn't share a piece if I were being honest though).  

Tunes were great, the benches and squashing up made it sort of feel like a school disco, but in a good way. Get there as near to 5:30pm as you can, gets busy (nicely crowded I'd say).

Tram home, bit of a swayie walk from stop, must of still been peckish as I stopped at the Atlantic Fish Bar for my favourite, a couple of potato scallops "don't be stingy with the salt and vinegar".  

But all present and correct as I got in, all belongings accounted for, front door locked securely, kids checked on, little email (not looked at my sent items, lord knows what I've been sending), I didn't take my eye make-up off, so not a complete score-card!  

Rough this morning... BUT I did still my bit for community and country, Parkrun Marshal, all yellow-visored up!  Ah was nice, but the exessive clapping made my brain rock inside my head.  Did make me feel warm and fuzzy when I got the odd shout 'thanks Marshal', sad act me...

PTA supporting duties this afternoon (see I do my bit for that), kids treasure hunt round Chorlton, not sure when I'm to fit in the big food shop.  Chances are I might get the kids a happy meal and phone for a take away... Chinese or Indian... 

Have a good weekend, xx Emma-Lou 

Info on Friday Food Fight: 


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