It's my birthday and I'll cry if I want to...

So I've had my birthday... I am now the grand old age of 34... there's a nasty rumour starting the rounds at work.. that I'm 37, and have been hiding my real age for years!  Swines, I'm happy to bring in my birth certificate...

So I was born in 1980, I've got the CD, you know the one you get in a greeting card... music stars of the day include... Blondie, Eddy Grant, Kate Bush, Spandau Ballett, and Dennis Waterman (I could be so good for you.... brilliant yes?).   Other news, Gandhi wins the Indian election, USA pull out of the Moscow Olympics, John Lennon murdered outside his New York apartment... these events are like dead old... so I suppose I must be!
Evidence of my actual age!
I'm not too bothered though, my hairdresser made me smile the other day (after telling me I should keep my hair long now... as a shorter style would age me!), she goes "my mother is always harking on that she's glad she knows what she knows"... I always hark on the same.. am I now likened to my very young hairdressers mothers generation!  Ah well... I'm glad I'm a wisened old cynic.. there's nothing naive about me these day, back in the day.. I believed ANYTHING...

There are many benefits of knocking on... you don't have to comply to fashion, or listen to Radio 1, or fit into a particular scene...  I've spent many a horrific night in the Crazy House (Liverpool), listening to god awful music... but pretending to love it!  I can listen to whatever I like, I'm proud to enjoy Elaine Page do her musicals show on Sunday (Radio 2).  My music taste is all over the place and my collection, glancing up at my shelf of CDs (see I am old... I don't buy music digitally...) of those recently added to my iPhone (honestly not doctored, I've not hidden anything truly shite!)... see not to bad eh?  (although those with a keen eye might spot 'Ultimate Dirty Dancing').  I tweeted the other day on this, my musical tastes are truly my own.. and if I want to belt out Cheryl Cole... then I will without fear of reproach... you've gotta fight, fight, fight, fight for this love!

Maybe I might of hidden one or two.. the Ray Quinn Swingy CD?
Thing is, the problem I suppose, I sort of think I'm really trendy and young... and I know that when Lizzy gets to her teenage years.. I'll step it up and try and 'get down' with the kids and try and pal up to her and her mates.  She already rolls her eyes at me, can't see her letting me come along to Mojo's with her on a Saturday night, she might let me pick her up (I'm one of those mum's... I'll be picking up at 2 o'clock in the morning).

My recent love of a 'little port', another testimony of my advancing years (I got a bottle of sherry for my birthday... I was made up!).  I actively avoid places that are 'too loud'.  I can't hear myself think in Kro (Oxford Road) and once diverted a whole staff do' to a different venue "because honestly you can't hold a decent conversation in there".  Another thing I do now I'm confidently bolshy, I'm never happy where I'm sat in restaurants... to the horror of my husband...  I usually ask to move "I'm not paying to sit in a draft".

Vouchers and coupons, now I'm older and not bothered to hold the queue up at Sainsburys, I'll spend a good five minutes digging out my nectar card.  I like to knit (badly and have never actually finished a scarf.. it's ongoing... but I do have the most amazing knitting bag), do jigsaws, watch re-runs of 'Sex in the City', play scrabble, the list of ridiculous past times goes on!

I'm not too bad, I can hold my own with the youth of today... I still buy the odd thing in Topshop... it's not like I've completely given up the goose and got an account at Bonmarche.... I do groan when I get up from sitting though, with an old aged creek.... now my knees are bad (really just an excuse to avoid running!).

Happy to be getting older, I LOVE BIRTHDAY's, I (rightly and appropriately) always get spoilt rotten!

Here we are on my birthday, Saturday night in town, cocktail bar.. getting pissed... don't feel my age at all!

xx Emma-Lou


  1. I'm a 1980 baby too. Just turned 34 eek Popping over from #ShareFriday

  2. 1980 was a good year Michelle! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  3. haha love of a little port made me chuckle. happy bday!


    Follow me too? Oh So Gawjess

  4. When baby comes along... you have yourself a little port... nothing nicer. xx

  5. I still love the Krazy House...or 'The K' as we call it...not been in for a while though ha ha :)

  6. Kerrie we should go from work, it'd be crap/good x


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