Silly Musings....

My role, PA to these two

1. As soon as I turn on either the hoover (seldom) or hair-dryer, my daughter starts a conversation with me... I indicate I can't hear her, she mithers it's important, I switch off appliances... it's utter trivia 'you know Mia at school, she has a lovely new head-band'.... 

2. When I've left my two upstairs unattended for more than five minutes, they've flooded the bathroom... splisp splash splosh.... the price you pay for five minutes peace (as long as water isn't leaking through ceiling...). 

3. Before the kids, I must of like swept up three times in my life... honestly these days a broom is permanently attached to my arm in our house.  I'm not kidding, once I considered taking a dustpan and brush to our local cafe, as the looks they gave me when Willow attacked a teacake the time before. 

4.  When you're running late for a party... the sellotape and scissors are nowhere to be found... 

5. It is impossible to work the catch up/box set bit on BT Vision, when you have a child crying and British Gas on the phone trying to arrange an appt.  It throws me... that said, if the telly is off when my daughter goes to school it stays off all day, shamefully I can't switch it on.  (Don't despair we can download the daily dose of Ben and Holly to a laptop.)  

6.  Working is great, pure unadulterated cups of coffee bliss.  You can pretty much have one whenever you want. The poor stay at home mums... you've got to pity them... they leave their brews out of reach, then forget about them when sorting washing. 

7.  Baby wipes you either have 64 half packets knocking round or not a single one in the house! 

8.  I'm thinking of entering this one in for a World Record, I can do full make up (inc. day and eye cream) in three red lights along princess parkway... although once a rozzer did knock on my window and give me dirty look (made me smudge my mascara). 

9.  Some of the worse moments of my life have been spent in soft play centres, low points include, splitting my jeans climbing into the ball pool and my female offspring vomming in the curly slide. 

10.  I don't get on with online food shopping, it takes me three times as long (prob as I get distracted on FB), also I actually like the virtual element of heading to Sainsbury's, it's like a little trip out away from my family, I take ages, hours.  Same reason I go to the gym, once I missed gym entry by a minute... I thought blow it, I'm out now, and sat in my car texting for 50 minutes!

Saying all this, I love the busy busy rush rush of juggling the kids, work, house, husband, cats, friends (this is not order of priority btw...!).  I realise within the circles I fall in, my gorgeous baby group, colleagues, friends, school mummies in the playground, we're all busy, we're all cutting corners, struggling to find the cheque book at ten to nine to pay for the bloody Viking trip.  It's okay to send your daughter in with a cardi on from the ironing pile (good shake will right that) or distracting your toddler with five episodes of back to back Peppa Pig and bourbon biscuits isn't really neglect (is it?). 

Nobody in the world ever has an
empty clothes maiden right? 

It's real life and it's loads of fun. 

Cue, lets' fall about laughing.  xx Emma-Lou


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