Facebook, is it real...

I've been thinking about this blog for ages.  It's not meant to be controversial!  

Cute children, and mine, mine, mine!

So; is Facebook, Twitter, Instragram and the others I don't know of (remember I'm 34), are they really real?  

First off, I love FB and Twitter, I share lots of my life on FB and have a right old snoop.  I've met some lovely people on FB.  Twitter is silly fun, and I have some real laughs tweeting.  Keith Chegwin is my fave. 

So, FB, it's not so much reflective on what's really going on behind closed doors, is it?  Like, I knew a woman who was having a bit of marital woe (in fact she couldn't stand her husband guts and was ready for leaving him!).  Well on FB it was all "My darling husband has done the washing up, what a lucky wifey I am"... thinking on it, was she just being funny (he was a gobshite)?  Just kidding, behind the scenes, the marriage was on the rocks, but to her FB public it was all hearts and flowers and declarations of love.  Another one, somebody was really struggling financially, looking back through their FB, you'd believe they'd just won the pools "how's that happened I just spent £300 in Ikea"

This is illustrated by my FB 10 years celebration thingy, so looking at my last year, you'd think I'd had the best year of my life.  Full of days out basking in the sun, picnics and happy happy happy.  In real life my mum died, we were burgled (robbing b*s), and other stuff... but you'd never know.  Suppose it's my decision not to post negative stuff going on, but people looking in aren't getting the full picture.  It did remind me though that the year had been filled with nice times too and that I have really cute children.  On the day of my mum's funeral, I updated my picture to one of me and mum together, was touched that everybody in my real life who knew, give it a 'like'.  So it sort of offered a gentle support. 

Perhaps my video was real, one of the poignant photos was of my car radio, set to 'gadio', I'd posted a silly about Mikey using my car.  That is I suppose, how I use FB, to share a little funny, I try not to moan too much, I show off when I've made a really good cake, and it goes without saying, my kids are so cute, it'd be a crying shame not to share their photos. 

You can't live without this sort of hilarious humour in your life right? 

The FB meanies, you'll find these on any slimming groups. If I'm honest, I do find the controversial comments from the more upfront posters entertaining...  typical would be a woman who will post a picture of herself wearing a skimpy dress, she's pleased with herself, she's usually lost a few stone.  The nasty comments can be, insulting to her appearance, even insulting to the choice of wallpaper behind, one funny one I remember "tidy your house up, tramp!". 

The FB baby group.  I'm in a very lovely smaller group.  The women I've met (my blogs whole readership I'd say), are lovely, they've truly helped me through tricky times.  And I love and care for them as friends.  We meet outside of FB in actual real life sometimes and it's great.  The bounty group we devolved from went a bit tits up; arguments were a-plenty, so it's nice a few of us have kept an interest in each other.  Breakaway Mummies big shout out (get me, "sisters"!). 

The FB cryptic poster.  Now I snookered myself the other day, the time-hop thingy, I posted 4 years ago on Tuesday "grrr something's got right up my nose"; can't recall what it was.... So I am guilty of it.  But some of them, because I'm naturally a nosy cow, do get my goat... "well that's it I've had enough", the comments below "hugs", then the poster will comment "DM'd you luv"... come on.... full disclosure please!!!

I've caught up with people of old, and for that it's great.  For keeping updated of my family not living nearby, it's great.  I feel happy to see my nephew getting his football presentation, I feel included. 

Not so nice, I was friends with a woman once, I saw her loads on my newsfeed, I commented on her kids, she liked the odd pic of mine.  Well, I saw her in Liverpool and she ignored me.... I don't think she recognised me in true form.  

Some people who you don't think go on FB a lot, well they know it all, and remind you of dates, things you've done, try and catch you, but don't even so much as wish you a FB happy birthday!  That'll be them lurkers!

Being un-friended hurts!  But I have un-friended people when photos have appeared on my newsfeed, and I've had no clue who/what they're about?  So if interaction isn't there, and I don't know you so well, I may have un-friended you, I'm sorry. I was friends with a woman I met on a two day course, she was nice enough, two years went by, no interaction.  I un-friended her, next day I bumped into her on campus! #Awkward

It prob isn't real to large degrees, but it's a nice forum for sharing and showing off, used properly (i.e. never take offence with anything you see posted) it's great.

One thing is clear though, I spend far to much time on FB  and I probably couldn't live without it in my life, perhaps I should knock it off for a bit.... give it a miss for a weekend... nah!  

xx Emma-Lou 
and obv... you've got to mention a good old car selfie


  1. Love you too Emma Lou ;) It's quite telling looking back at Timehop posts seeing things I said a few years ago, and remembering what was really going on at the time. It's all a façade but I guess we put up fronts in the real world too don't we? We all answer "How are you?" with positive comments, even when we're dying inside. Maybe it's a British thing too, stiff upper lip and all that.

    I flipping hate cryptic statues though. I have unfriended people for this!

  2. Thanks Sarah P, yes we do say "yes, yes, fine" at the school drop of and then blub in the car park. That's real, but FB I suppose, those that spill everything over their status, we don't really want to see that either do we? Ah let's just keep it light xxx

  3. Ah my sister in Mummy world... love this blog! So very very true with social media... I would cut it out but like you family & friends afar it's fab for staying in daily contact as it were... and I am a nosey cow! lol x


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