Something #Fishy... a funny snippet

You lucky lot, two blogs from me in so many days!  

So, en route home from Bideford (in the worst traffic EVER); we've only set off 10 mins or so, when I start to sniff out a dreadful whiff. 

Suspect No 1:  Mikey has instead of putting a kitchen rubbish bag into the outside bin, he's stuck it in the boot when loading the suitcases, he told me hadn't; but I didn't believe him! We stopped at some drive-by toilet (I've never seen such a thing), pull the boot apart, and true to his word, there isn't a rubbish bag in the car! 

Suspect No 2:  Liz's feet, bless her, I upset her by insisting that she's never in her whole life dried her toes and feet properly and as consequent they stink! She did get upset (I am sorry about that), and insisted I find a pair of socks (in a moving car) to a mask the smell.  After a while I realise the smell is coming from the front of car, so could rule out poor old Lizzy. 

Suspect No 3:  So it's coming from the front of the car, clearly and obviously I don't smell, so I start covertly leaning over to give Mr C a whiff, it didn't appear to be him.... 

Funny throughout the whole 'who smells' investigation, I didn't suspect Willow, who actually does smell bad a lot of the time!  His bad smells are individual to him I suppose I know and recognise them! 

So, after an hour or so, I tuck into the lunch bag looking for sweeties to quieten the kids, as I unzip the bag the fishy smell turns my stomach, 5 little seashells, found on Instow beach the previous day are the culprit... I was for throwing them out the window, but Liz wanted to keep hold of them (God only knows why, they're sat now on the kitchen window sill, they'll be there for a year or two, before I get fed up of all this 'sentimental' rubbish and chuck them out).  So we double wrap them in Liz's socks, and hide them in the dashboard, the smell does go a bit. 

On getting home, I soaked the shells in a bit of demestos, and you never guess what... one of the shells, about the size of a bigger walnut, out pops a black fish, dead I might add.  

Ahh the fishy smell was actually a fish!  

All rather dull, but it gave me a laugh, and at least the 'who smells' suspicion killed some of the six hour journey back to Manchester. 

xx Emma-Lou x


  1. Ha ha. This made me laugh. As if it was an actual fish :) xxx

  2. I hope it were dead before we collected it, it would have been?


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