Ho ho ho... Dear FC... I wish you were real!

So I've a girl of nearly 9, on the whole she's a lovely girl, very pleasant natured, a wonderful big sister to her troublesome younger brother (he's a horror!).  Without bias she really is no trouble.  

So for Christmas, she still believes in Father Christmas; it's real sweet, I think this is the last year we can string it out.  Last year we made a bit of an error and she was right on it... "Mummy it's funny how Father Christmas uses the same wrapping paper as us"... I pulled it round and came back "Well the elves must of taken advantage of the 3 for 2 at M&S too". 

So, the trouble this year is, we're a bit skint, and are 'trying' to do it with economy in mind!  So we asked our darling girl for details of her Christmas list, and a list is what we got: 

  • iPad 
  • Nintendo 3DS 
  • Tamagotchi 3DS Game 
  • Animal Crossing 3DS Game 
  • Light up pillow (no idea) 
  • Letter Writing Set 
  • Zoomer Zuppie Roxy (no idea) 
  • Spirograph 3D 
  • Umbella "the one I saw in H&M" (no idea)

In years before now we've managed the expectation, and have been able to mould her wants and desires if you like, but now at nearly nine, bless she considers what her friends are getting and has it all worked out.   I talked about this with a pal this week and she simply said "You know what, Christmas; when you're little is about getting what you want".... but what if you can't afford Apple?  Oh my what to do; I think I'll have to go up against my husband and splash out....  I'd hate for her to think that perhaps she hasn't been a good enough girl, and FC has got her cheapo tablet as a result. 

On the other side our lad, only wants a Postman Pat train; a bargain at £14.99 from B&M! At three your pleasures are simple (and inexpensive).  So there's a thought, we'll save £££ on Willow.... his turn will come when he wants an Xbox 360 and Raleigh bikes.... 

Seriously though, the pressure's on for parents... our girl isn't spoilt (despite her list) and doesn't ask for too much.  She won't be getting everything on this list, certainty not, we'll sub some of it out to Nanna and Grandad and co (HINT HINT HINT... Uncle Steven is possibly good for the iPad... come on you're her favourite).  

In every other way; the magic of Christmas is alive and kicking in our house.... (but likely we'll be on bread and water for the rest of the year).   

xx Emma-Lou 


  1. Wow that's some list!! Mine are the same. My 10 year old knows he isn't real but won't admit it perhaps because she thinks she won't get a stocking?! We always say stockings are from him and other gifts from us. Trouble with our lot is all of them bar one have a birthday right before Christmas so we really struggle with both ideas and money! x x

  2. Same here, son 7th Jan and the girl 18th Feb! I wonder if she does believe, she's certainly doubtful! I NEVER believed, I had mean big sisters who happily told me the score! What has your 10 year old asked for Susanne x


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