14 Considerations on 'Calling in Sick'

Happy New Year to All!  A bit slack on the blogging front, sorry to the two or three people who follow me!  Christmas is a busy time, loads of fun with the kids, so much on, good times to be had, but all very time-consuming!  

So, I've a little undistracted time on my hands... no I haven't killed my children or been made redundant... I'm off sick!  Boo... you can comment sympathetic posts please, or think of me in your prayers (amen).  I've been harbouring germs since before Christmas and been on and off warding it off with pills (Mr. Lemsip needs a knighthood if you ask me). 

So my symptoms are massive hooter, congestion, headache, moaning, taste gone off, snotty, moaning, horizontal positioning tricky (unblancing the snot a real danger I believe!), sniffing, and general feeling like death... come on, you know how dramatic I am... 

I've sinusitis, could be touch and go, but with the correct treatment (sympathy, nasal exfoilation and antibiotics), a full recovery is likely.  

So I things to consider when being off sick: 

1.  Loose Women is crap.

2.  Lying in bed during daylight hours shows up your surfaces to be very dusty, I've made a mental note when my health is restored to do something about that (but will likely forget). 

3.  Netflix in bed is great, however, you can't really break the back of the joint boxsets you watch together, it'd be mean to go ahead on jointly ventured programmes... wouldn't it?   Funny yesterday I dozed off watching 'Call the midwife', and woke up with laptop on the pillow showing a baby just coming out... gosh it was horrible! 

4.  Wondering if I were to die of my ailments how soon would anybody notice, also I'd be devastated to have cause of death reported as a "fatal overdose of sudafed".  Could one of my friends please spread rumours it was a cocktail of booze and hardcore party drugs.

5.  Wearing socks is necessary all the time, not sure why, they make me feel better (got to be cosy when ill). 

6.  Persistence when you finally get through to your GP surgery should be rewarded!  Lines open at 8am, I got through at 8:23, I'd rung 54 times. I'm tempted on ringing again tomorrow, I'd disconnect when I get through, just seeing if I could better my attempt, you know, just for kicks!  

7.  Waiting room paranoia at the surgery, looking round, thinking who might be the sickest, and avoiding babies handing you things they've sucked with their snotty sick faces, my health is already in a fragile condition thank you very much. 

8.  How long convalescing in bed before you start to worry about bedsores? 

9. Sheer horror and panic madly checking YOU ARE ALLOWED to drink on your antibiotics (nowhere does is state on the very long information sheet that alcohol is to be avoided, it's just a myth). 

10.  The house without children and noise could be a sanctuary.  Also eating pieces of toast without the kids scaving a bit is quite blissful. 

11.  The cats are confused as hell by your unusual hours of being in the house, and want feeding all time.  

12.  You could get on top of the ironing... (as if). 

13.  You worry about posting too much on FB in case it gets back to work, that you're well enough for silly social media. 

14.  5 o'clock soon comes round.... (and frantic family life descends). 

So, on my sickbed, I've enjoyed the little rest and break from the norm, I'm likely back to work tomorrow, on anti-biotics, better there, there's nobody moan to at home, and that sympathy is vital to my recovery. 

Emma-Lou xx


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