Avalanche Do, Manchester

It seems I'm a serious blogger these days, I got invited to a real event and everything; the re-launch of the new menu at Avalanche in Manchester.  I was slightly miffed not to have been papped outside... "OMG it's Emma-Lou, you know her from her amazing blog".  No red carpet or that either... but I am new at this... so maybe next time?

Says in B&W, officially a blogger!

Avalanche though is the type of place you might spot a real celeb, the approach outside the restaurant is really flash looking, you can tell looking in; it's a smart place to eat.

Anyhow I was chuffed to bits to go along, mostly because, I've not been well, feeling down in the dumps and needed a nice trip out.  Was able to take a plus one... so obvs left husband at home and took my bessie.

My steadfast plus one

We met in Town for a little beer and then headed to restaurant, it's a good central location.  Booth St, near Town Hall (on next corner to Croma).  It used to be Lime Bar; many moons ago, I used to go quite a bit for drinks and nights out.  We've had a few Christmas parties downstairs too, which were always well turned out and a good do' (from memory just drinks and canapĂ© type of trays going round).

From my 2009 FB 'high-jacking the coffee machine in Lime Bar oh dear'
When we arrived the staff at the reception point, took our names and laughed at my silly jokes, all very convivial.  The young lads milling round taking coats and organising wine were gorgeous and real charming, not like in an insincere, smarmy way, but nice and ingratiating.
We were seen to our table; as another point, the waiting staff were great to set out a table for five, setting aside an extra place.   All very nice, starter arrived, bruschetta and camembert and all lovely other stuff.  So nicely presented, if I was a proper blogger I would have taken pictures... but I lose my photo-taking urges when faced with foodstuff, I don't want to a. risk it going cold and b. somebody nicking it!
Main platters arrived, again beautifully presented and tasty tasty.  We had one of the vegetarian types at our table, and she was given a separate veggie lasagne, I lusted after it so much, I bagged myself a taste, really nice, really well served, not just plain old veggie lasagne, no idea how they got aubergine to taste so good.
Now, as much as I like starters and mains... really I'm a pudding girl and to my DELIGHT, my favourite showed up!  TIRAMISU gosh I love it.  Without blowing ones own trumpet, aided by Gordon Ramsey's work Gordon Ramsey's Tiramisu (I use tia maria instead of masarla).  NOBODY in the world makes a tiramisu as good as mine, the effort from Avalanche... was a good second.... Obv they'd never top mine, but was so good, I got a second portion.. told ya I love the stuff.
The wine supplier did a round of the tables, in the past this has freaked me out a bit, but not so here.  He was great, and the enthusiasm he showed for sharing knowledge of wine and working with Avalanche was endearing. My pal who knows a bit about wine (well more than me.... I like Aldi Merlot.. that's my knowledge... I like what I like!). She talked of a favourite red of hers; and yay, a bottle of montepulciano rocked up (and even to my wine pallet was very nice).
As I say this was one of my first blogger events, and I was a little nervous (until glass of wine number 3), but you know what it was great, really great, I met loads of people, as ever, always the case with me, I was there till the end.  Another note of good service, a taxi was ordered and I was escorted outside to a waiting cab.
Food, wine, layout, live music all great, brilliant.  But Avalanche's real selling point is service, and this is hard to nail, but they do.  I'm not sure of numbers, but they pulled off 100 covers with little fuss and sincere service.
The re-launch of their new menu should create a real buzz, I'd defo go back (on like condition they roll out a red carpet)! 
xx Emma-Lou


  1. It was lovely meeting you, can't wait to see you at another event :) xx

  2. Ah was thinking the same Ally, defo look you out next time. x

  3. Sounds like you enjoyed your night. Definitely take more photos next time ha ha x

  4. A night out in your neck of the woods on the cards then I think... sounds delish x


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