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Saturday Night Out Indie Clint Boon Style

On a high from my boss night out (forgive use of the word 'boss'; I am Scouse).  So, despite being dead old, 34 I'm hardly the age bracket to give solid advice on Manchester night life... but that aside I know what I like.  I donned my clubbing shorts, massive heels, had a few wines getting ready and headed off to meet my indie pal Kel... here we are all glam. Indie Buddies  So met up with Kel in the wonderful establishment that is Wetherspoons Piccadilly; erm... no comment... but when the barman barked at me "It'll have to be plastic"... I was confused and responded "A Pinot would be nice".... what he meant on football days they use plastic glasswear (read into that what you will)... Anyhow, a few cheap wines later, we headed off to Corbieres; we always have a swift one here, I feel like it's a secret cave like pub not everybody knows about and they play decent tunes (think it runs a jukebox?).  From here, we realised we wer

Health Anxiety....

So generally I'm a bit dramatic, I do jump to conclusions, worry about things before they happen!  You know fly off the handle and have a good old moan at the slightest thing; without knowing the whole story.  Mostly this happens when I see a ridiculous Facebook status... So this trait in my make up; comes through most when I'm worried about my health,  I definitely suffer with health anxiety, see I'm even over dramatising this, I think in days gone by, I'd be called a hypochondriac.  But the slightest thing can get me in a right woe!  A cold lingering on, can make me question my immune system, and have me worrying and fretting.  It seems that once I get a worry in my mind, items on my newsfeed jump out at me and fuel my worry.  Like I was having usual hormonal aches in my boobs, this coincided with Anne Kirkbride passing away from a short illness of breast cancer.  I panicked for about about a week and went to my GP for no reason at all, except I was a bit 

Take control; Use Your Vote!!!

So, 7th May is looming, what's going to happen?  A change in government?  A new coalition?  If you follow my twitter, my political alliance is clear (mostly anybody other than Cameron!), but I won't go on here about the distaste I have for the Tory shower we have in power at the moment. I try not to get into political arguments in real life, there's no point, I'm not confident enough in my knowledge, I like to argue my case with strong evidence and get scared when people start on about deficit cutting and all that propaganda.  Once I admit to reading the Guardian (only at weekends)... people dismiss me as a dim-witted leftie anyways. But, as I often say, I support fairness, equality, welfare, AND this will surprise you... I'm happy to pay tax, I'd without quibble pay more.  IF the system of taxation was fair and just, yes, I'd put my hand up in the air, I'll pay more.  I enjoy the giving and taking of society.  I love that my library is free,