Take control; Use Your Vote!!!

So, 7th May is looming, what's going to happen?  A change in government?  A new coalition?  If you follow my twitter, my political alliance is clear (mostly anybody other than Cameron!), but I won't go on here about the distaste I have for the Tory shower we have in power at the moment.

I try not to get into political arguments in real life, there's no point, I'm not confident enough in my knowledge, I like to argue my case with strong evidence and get scared when people start on about deficit cutting and all that propaganda.  Once I admit to reading the Guardian (only at weekends)... people dismiss me as a dim-witted leftie anyways.

But, as I often say, I support fairness, equality, welfare, AND this will surprise you... I'm happy to pay tax, I'd without quibble pay more.  IF the system of taxation was fair and just, yes, I'd put my hand up in the air, I'll pay more.  I enjoy the giving and taking of society.  I love that my library is free, I love the kids school is local authority run and free.  Doctors, nurses, firefighters... without question are valuable services and can be called upon... for free!  I feel reassured (well perhaps not over the last five years) that if we fell on our uppers, we'd have welfare funds available to help and support us through tough times.  I'm proud to live in a country that looks after people who are unable to work through disability or illness.  I'm a massive support of the NHS, gosh have you seen Breaking Bad, if there was no NHS... we'd all have to turn into meth dealers to pay for our operations.  Controversially, I support immigration, I do, I'd rather live in a country that people flee to than flee from (this line isn't mine btw, but can't recall where I picked it up).

What concerns me though, is people seem not bothered, I know people who don't vote, saying things like "pah they're all the same that lot".... Living in a democratic country is an amazing liberty, and liberty is what it is, we take it for granted, that we have a say, we as people can make a difference.  We really need to gen up, align ourselves and vote! 

Even those who vote for that ridiculous Forage, respect for them getting out to the polling station!   It was great to hear that in the Scottish Referendum of last year 80plus% of folk cared enough to vote!    I'm campaigning for people to vote, I'm not going to pin my colour to the mast, I just want people to care enough....

xx Emma-Lou

PS I'm for Ed... he's of a decent sort... x


  1. I agree, it's so important to educate yourself on all the different parties and their policies x

  2. I agree. We certainly take it for granted. I just personally feel very alienated from it all.

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