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Everybody should have one....

I'm a lucky girl, I get loads of birthday pressies from hub, I won't list them, that would be showing off, but I get an eclectic mix of bits and pieces, he's very thoughtful.   I wanted to share my best present ever.... wait for this, I only got a Buddha Light, it's amazing...  check out this bad boy! Ambience Incarnate!  Only problem is, the kids keep lifting it, robbing bloody swines.  Mr C is a good soul, he's just gone online and ordered them one.  Reckon our Willow could do with some Buddha wisdom and calm! On the box it links to a FB page: 50fiftygifts... I want the other 49 for Christmas... It gives off a good glow at bedtime... honestly I love it!  As pressies go, it's up there as a favourite (well just behind a pair of sparkly gold, open-toe, KG heels).  xx Emma-Lou 

Older Wiser... probably not!

With my birthday looming...  How can I be thirty-bloody-five... how has this happened, time flies and all that... So things I know now that I didn't know back then: 1.  I don't like olives, no matter how many I force down, I'm never going to like them.  I'm comfortable these days with looking a little bit unsophisticated when they get passed round... (I mutter I prefer black ones... those too are rank though!). 2.  Everybody in the world has their own stuff going on.  My woe isn't novel, everybody has their own share of mither. 3.  Other mums in the playground, they don't particularly care what I'm doing or not doing.  They themselves are  trying to work out how to drop off/run into Tesco/ wrap that present while wondering if they owe Brownie subs.   If I've rushed past and they've not said 'Hi' when I said 'Hi' first... chances are they're mentally replying to a text message and haven't seen me!  Nobody in r

Read all about it... Emma-Lou makes tabloid news... (not page 3)

So I had a bee in my bonnet last week about a fly poster I saw outside our library.  I snapped it on my phone and uploaded the image to our local resident FB group.  From there it ran and ran, all week the notifications kept coming, a hundred plus people liked the photo and the comments were mostly supporting my viewpoint.  Obviously this a FB group, so of course I got called a range of swearwords and comments implying that I'm an art ignoramus and anti freedom of speech.   The poster? Here it is now (giving it even more coverage, three people read this blog they'll be scandalised and have to burn their eyes out... sorry). copyright ELC! I stand by my outrage.  There are few reasons why I take umbrage (love that word), but these are some of them... It's inappropriate to children, gun images are a no-no! It's right outside a children's crossing, by the library.  It trivialises suicide, one person on the thread posted guidelines from the Samarita

New Dawn Fades... Leeds will tear us apart....

I ventured from Manchester last night to see a play in Leeds. Was a right faff getting there, organising work and kids, but we made it on the train with seconds to spare.  I was never more glad to see two plastic glasses and bottle of fizz come out of Priya's handbag (we have to have a little drink on the journey!). Time was so tight we had to make ourselves beautiful on the train.  Well it was easy for me as I realised I'd left my dress hung up on the back of the bedroom door.... useful that!  Anyhow we dumped our bags, and raced off to theatre... to the wrong theatre, which was a smidge embarrassing!  The City Varieties Music Hall was the actual place, a gorgeous looking place.  I was told about thirty times that Charlie Chaplin played there once.  Joking aside; the venue looks the part; old-fashioned upholstery adds to the theatre experience, dahling.  So New Dawn Fades, is a play/story about Joy Division.  It covers more than that though, it's about the scene a

A to Z of Me

A to Z of me... idea stolen from Ally from MessedUpMum A-Z of me! So...  We're so proud of our lovely lad Willow, who is about to be diagnosed with autism .  We play it down, I hardly mention it, it's not a big thing.  We decided that Willow will always be a child with autism not an autistic child.  When I was 16; I went on a 18-30 holiday to Benidorm ; looking back it was grim, but I bet at the time, I revelled in it and had a riot! We live in Chorlton  in Manchester and I feel at home here, I can't see us ever moving out of the area.  I prefer dogs to cats (but don't tell my two pussycats Jimmy and Betty).   I'm funny about the hyphen in my name  Emma-Louise , I might say I don't but if you call me Emma, I get the hump! I probably give my kids fish fingers far more than I should.  Great Expectations is fabulous and I truly believe that anybody who hasn't read it, is missing out.  I love overnight stays in hotels ; I love the little

Blogging about Blogging....

It's been well over a year since I started my little old blog.  I have come and gone with it; but more recently over the last couple of months, I've really got into the whole blogging community.  I've been asked why I write it? What do I get out of it? Will I keep it up? Does anybody read it?   Answering those questions:   Errr why?   I like writing, I especially enjoy writing a really long-winded facebook comment, I write quite easily.  I write as I talk, it's been spotted from those who know me in real life, my voice and style of conversation comes through (i.e. all over the place, making no sense for the most part, but quickly wrapping it up in the end!).  I hope I've raised a small laugh to at least one person out there with my silly insight.  What do I get out of it?   Lots!  As as I say, I enjoy the actual writing of it, you know good to have a little hobby!   I get little outings out of it.  I went to the BlogOn conference and was la

Blog on at MOSI - fully fledged delegate...

So my first blogging conference.  Blog On.  I only got a late waiting list place, so the event crept up on me.  From getting my ticket on Thursday it was on my mind:  What to expect?      What will they (not sure who the 'they' actually are) think of me?           Will they think I'm a big fat fraud?                What if they ask me hard questions?                     What if nobody likes me?                           What will I wear?  Other concerns were,  will my husband actually kill our children having to fend for himself, him against them all day on a Saturday (it was touch and go!).  I love MOSI and was glad of an excuse to use their conference space (as a PA I'm always nosy for what's available).  I lined up for registration, at this point I was at my most nervous, everybody was dead pally and seemed to know each other.  Once I got through and steadied my nerves with a cuppa, I was calmer and chatting to other girls (I only recall se

Chorlton Fun Running

See, very pretty For a few years; me and Lizzy have taken part in the Chorlton Fun Run.  It's ace, there's two distances, 1.5k or a longer 6k.  It's a very pretty run out, through the nature paths in Chorlton.  Very lucky to live two mins from all this nature Today was a momentous occasion; Mr Willow's first run; and bless him he was ace. Here he is, in an action shot!  He didn't want his number on, so I sneaked it on his back! Of course a pre-run-selfie Miss Lizzy ran the longer distance with her mates; it's a long way I reckon 6k in the sun, one of the dads went round with the girls, and bless him I'm guessing he had his work cut out, keeping motivation up!   Here's my girl, finishing in style with a sprint.   Bless she was knackered after the run; pink and puffed out, she did really well to run so far.  Is it a bird...  Taking it very seriously So we're a family of runners.... dead fit and all that!  As if... 

Fancy pants hair do

I was invited along (my blogger status is rising!) to TopNotch Hair and Beauty to celebrate the launch of their express blow dry service.  TBH I wasn't really sure what I was expecting, maybe I thought I'd get a shampoo and blow dry.  What I got was so much better, I got a proper posh hair do.    TopNotch is based in Eccles, dead easy to find off the M602, I say that, I didn't drive, my steadfast PlusOne and driver, Pri managed to get us there without hitch.  There's a car park nearby, as it was an evening after 6pm affair, the car park was free, but from memory it was minimal charge (maybe a pound or two).  From there it's only a two minute walk (if that).    The Salon is a busy, lively shop.  A nice waiting area, was warmly welcomed.  They must of knew I was coming as they got the Bellini in! Fizz Fizz So the stylist talked to be about what was on offer, showing me a few photos; but aside from this she asked me if there were any styles I'd seen