Blogging about Blogging....

It's been well over a year since I started my little old blog.  I have come and gone with it; but more recently over the last couple of months, I've really got into the whole blogging community. 

I've been asked why I write it? What do I get out of it? Will I keep it up? Does anybody read it?  

Answering those questions:  

Errr why?  

I like writing, I especially enjoy writing a really long-winded facebook comment, I write quite easily.  I write as I talk, it's been spotted from those who know me in real life, my voice and style of conversation comes through (i.e. all over the place, making no sense for the most part, but quickly wrapping it up in the end!).  I hope I've raised a small laugh to at least one person out there with my silly insight. 

What do I get out of it?  

Lots!  As as I say, I enjoy the actual writing of it, you know good to have a little hobby!   I get little outings out of it.  I went to the BlogOn conference and was laden down with goody bags.  I've met some lovely people, who have happily shared knowledge and time with me about the intricacies of blogging.  I also read more blogs as I'm blogging and have been entertained and informed, there are some amazing blogs out there (obvs not as good as mine like!) 

Will I keep it up? 

I think so, I do come and go with it, and that's fine.  My blog will always be there.  I'd like in the future to be more open and honest about things that go on with me, perhaps I'll open up more of my life as I get into the swing of things (don't be excited about anything scandalous coming through.... suppose I could make stuff up to spice it up a bit!). 

Does anybody read it? 

I think so, my view count is high (by my low standard), people in the playground comment they like it, one famous DJ indie star of the 90s likes it (and his ma). People have emailed and made comment that they've connected with me in small ways.  My 'health anxiety' post was well received and from that I had a couple of people say "good to know I'm not the only one with these mad crazy worries".  Again in that blog, I make light of a serious worry I have; that's how I feel comfortable writing.  One day, I'll flip over and fill these pages with pure unadulterated misery!  

The future? 

Well who knows... perhaps glamour magazine will pick me up to do a column... I don't know.  Since BlogOn I've had one or two little offers to write about a few products, I might do a few of those.  Any invitation to go somewhere, I'm unlikely to turn down (I'd go anywhere to have an outing away from my kids), so I'll keep up with that.  I'll keep writing about me, the kids and hub and our life as the mood takes me.  Don't want any pressure you know, as I say I love it, don't want it to become tiresome and chore like.  One thing is clear though, the girls I've met who have amazing, slick, well read blogs, work bloody hard at it and deserve all the credit they get. 

Me, I'll keep playing at it and you just never know, some famous film maker director type might pick it up and make it into a film... of course they'd cast me to play me... 

xx Emma-Lou 


  1. I love the passion you convey through this. You're blogging for your own enjoyment and that's just fantastic :D x

    Stephanie |

  2. Small connections are what matter most in my opinion, you want to feel connected to the community your writing for! Great post Emma, congratulations on a year! xx



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