Fancy pants hair do

I was invited along (my blogger status is rising!) to TopNotch Hair and Beauty to celebrate the launch of their express blow dry service.  TBH I wasn't really sure what I was expecting, maybe I thought I'd get a shampoo and blow dry.  What I got was so much better, I got a proper posh hair do. 
TopNotch is based in Eccles, dead easy to find off the M602, I say that, I didn't drive, my steadfast PlusOne and driver, Pri managed to get us there without hitch.  There's a car park nearby, as it was an evening after 6pm affair, the car park was free, but from memory it was minimal charge (maybe a pound or two).  From there it's only a two minute walk (if that). 
The Salon is a busy, lively shop.  A nice waiting area, was warmly welcomed.  They must of knew I was coming as they got the Bellini in!
Fizz Fizz
So the stylist talked to be about what was on offer, showing me a few photos; but aside from this she asked me if there were any styles I'd seen or fancied.  I quite liked the 'Go Fish' style.  So, she started plaiting...
17 minutes later, and ta-da... this is my amazing hair. 


Priya had a looser style and it made her colour look fab.

So the service they're launching is an express for going out hair, wedding hair, that sort of thing.  These hair styles can be done in 20 minutes.  If you want your hair washing it'll take a little longer (with a little more expense); but these 'up' styles work better the day after a wash. 
The thing with my style, it'll hold all day from a day do through to an evening wedding reception and that's exactly why I'm booking in for the couple of weddings I have this summer.  I really was impressed with the speed, service and friendliness of the whole set up.  The girls said appointments aren't always necessary, so call in.
Once I was styled ready for a hair model shoot (ideas above my station); they gave me a little tour of the beauty area upstairs.  This has been so nicely furnished and decorated and has a sort of spa calmness to each of the rooms.  Clearly someone with a know-how of the industry has designed the space.
Two problems following my hair do:  1.  All dressed up and nowhere to go (we felt we had to sport our new hair do's somewhere so went for pizza and red wine at the Nip and Tipple near us in Chorlton); and 2. Morning hair was hell... about 30+ kirby clips plus hairspray!

Thanks to my stylist too for the demonstration on how to do fishtail plaits, our Lizzy was well impressed with my skills the next morning.
xx Emma-Lou


  1. Sounds like a lovely experience, I love the hair do they created for you!

    L x // bloglovin'

  2. Love the hair dos, I hate having to do my own hair, im rubbish at it. Loving the fact you had to go out for pizza and wine afterwards to showcase your hair lol. bed hair is a pain especially trying to take all those crips out, makes your head feel better after though.

  3. Looks fabulous and what a great excuse for an impromptu evening out x


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