Chorlton Fun Running

See, very pretty
For a few years; me and Lizzy have taken part in the Chorlton Fun Run.  It's ace, there's two distances, 1.5k or a longer 6k.  It's a very pretty run out, through the nature paths in Chorlton. 

Very lucky to live two mins from all this nature

Today was a momentous occasion; Mr Willow's first run; and bless him he was ace. Here he is, in an action shot! 

He didn't want his number on, so I sneaked it on his back!

Of course a pre-run-selfie

Miss Lizzy ran the longer distance with her mates; it's a long way I reckon 6k in the sun, one of the dads went round with the girls, and bless him I'm guessing he had his work cut out, keeping motivation up!   Here's my girl, finishing in style with a sprint.   Bless she was knackered after the run; pink and puffed out, she did really well to run so far. 
Is it a bird... 
Taking it very seriously

So we're a family of runners.... dead fit and all that! 

As if... 


xx Emma-Lou 


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