Older Wiser... probably not!

With my birthday looming...  How can I be thirty-bloody-five... how has this happened, time flies and all that...

So things I know now that I didn't know back then:

1.  I don't like olives, no matter how many I force down, I'm never going to like them.  I'm comfortable these days with looking a little bit unsophisticated when they get passed round... (I mutter I prefer black ones... those too are rank though!).

2.  Everybody in the world has their own stuff going on.  My woe isn't novel, everybody has their own share of mither.

3.  Other mums in the playground, they don't particularly care what I'm doing or not doing.  They themselves are trying to work out how to drop off/run into Tesco/ wrap that present while wondering if they owe Brownie subs.   If I've rushed past and they've not said 'Hi' when I said 'Hi' first... chances are they're mentally replying to a text message and haven't seen me!  Nobody in real (adult) life actually really does go round  'blanking' people.  

4.  Things always come round... in work, in life.... people who you might think are getting away with being a shit... or lazy... but seem to get ahead of you... they fall down, it might take a while.. but they get found out (and it's not big of me... but I always smirk when they do). 

5.  Nobody can tell if you've put on a few pounds... it'd take a good half-stone to look even slightly bigger. 

6.  Linen doesn't need ironing... it's a waste of life. 

7.  Rising above it is quite often the best course of action.. and it winds the argumentative type right up when you shrug your shoulders and think 'whatever'. 

8.  Acquaintances become just that, you have less friends, but the ones you keep hold of, are old and trusty. 

9.  Mixing your drinks is a good idea; it makes for a funny night. 

10.  Those make over shoots you were sold back in the 90s by Olan Mills were a waste of money, they made you look daft.  
I was 17... they made me look twice that!  I should sue! 

xx Emma-Lou


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