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So I had a bee in my bonnet last week about a fly poster I saw outside our library.  I snapped it on my phone and uploaded the image to our local resident FB group.  From there it ran and ran, all week the notifications kept coming, a hundred plus people liked the photo and the comments were mostly supporting my viewpoint.  Obviously this a FB group, so of course I got called a range of swearwords and comments implying that I'm an art ignoramus and anti freedom of speech.  

The poster? Here it is now (giving it even more coverage, three people read this blog they'll be scandalised and have to burn their eyes out... sorry).

copyright ELC!

I stand by my outrage.  There are few reasons why I take umbrage (love that word), but these are some of them...

  • It's inappropriate to children, gun images are a no-no! It's right outside a children's crossing, by the library. 
  • It trivialises suicide, one person on the thread posted guidelines from the Samaritans of how this type of thing can be dangerous to vulnerable people. 
  • It's bleak, and needlessly so, yes, the Conservatives got in...  but we can unite in a reasoned voice, join political parties, protest, donate more to food banks. Suggesting HOPE is lost is such a bad message. 
  • It makes me a Leftie from Chortlon look bad. This is not my view, I have not been sharing all those Huffington posts... I don't buy into this propaganda!

Anyhow, the reason of my post isn't so much the point of my blog.  This article featured in the Daily Mirror newspaper. 

"Tory street artist sparks anger with 'hope' poster" Daily Mirror 

I cannot believe that this article on the back of my post was given over as news.  My little photo taken on my phone was the centre of the piece, all my comments were quoted.  I was dubbed 'angry'... as if, I was mildly miffed. Now I'll be forever known as 'angry of Chorlton'.

The whole article was lifted from the thread. Wow!  I thought as a journalist you have to write pieces and research a bit more than trawling through Facebook?   Maybe, at least like phone somebody up for their direct opinion?  I was really surprised not to have been expressly contacted. Not that I mind, of course I fully realise that everything I write in a public group, is of course public. But to have it lifted to a national news website gave me a bit of shock!  Fortunately, I don't mind the whole world knowing my political leanings (Labour party member for those that think I might be a shy Tory and scared to say), I write a blog, have been on breakfast telly, I'm not shy of giving over my viewpoint.  It was just a big surprise to be used in such a way. 

So there you have it, be careful what you post on social media... it might end up in the tabloid press.... or at least in a really massive blog... 

xx Emma-Louise 

PS I'm not a art ignoramus... I know loads about art; I've got posters of Albert Cuyp's work on my bedroom wall (Dutch artist who painted cows)


  1. Ooooh I remember seeing you post about this on the Manchester bloggers group! I think you're absolutely right to have been offended, by it, especially as a parent. Also - I love your comment about being known as 'angry from Chorlton' - makes me think of those agony aunt pages in the newspaper! x

    Stephanie |

    1. Angry from Chorlton... if they'd really seen me angry, they'd know about it and be scared! x

  2. Wow I can't believe they didn't ask you anything before sharing the article! Interesting post xx

  3. I have never heard of a tabloid lifting a blog post, but I guess it doesn't surprise me considering how the Daily Mail uses celeb's Instagram pictures to make a headline story out of nothing! Definitely a reminder how what you write can have an impact!


    1. I'll watch out for the daily mail snooping on my instagram... xx


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