Blissful Sunday Morning... (no kids allowed)

We're quite lucky in terms of having evening babysitters; mostly because we'd leave them with pretty much anybody... We use a company that send round babysitters who are qualified in child-centred occupations.  I prefer to use this service, yes we have to pay, but it's not ridiculously pricey, they don't need too much notice and you don't have to clean your house ready for them coming. 

Now, where we're really lucky is, the grandparents have the kids overnight... and that is without being dramatic, blissful.  It's not so much being able to get out in the evening (although we always get out and do something nice); it's the next morning.  There is nothing better than waking up under you own bidding... having a Sunday feel like Sunday.  

So this morning, I come down, it's not like we want to sleep all morning... it was a respectable 9:30, Mr C on hearing me up and about made me coffee, there he is looking all relaxed actually reading the Sunday paper.... I snuggle next to him and finish my book. 

I quickly sort washing, organise dishes, even this without the kids around, is a joy, it takes me no time, I listen to the radio... I haven't had a child mithering for potato cakes or can I listen to her practising 'It's hard knock life'. 

We nip out for brekkie on Beech Road, we see people waltzing by; wouldn't it be nice to live round here they're thinking, we do!  But only really see the inside of community halls attending birthday parties.    

The holiday is over, he's gone to fetch the kids... I'm nipping to Morrisons for the weekly shop! 

(can't really complain mind, I've got a relaxation day this afternoon in a posho hotel... Father's Day is postponed here until next weekend, then the kids can jump all over him with bacon butties and novelty gifts) 

xx Emma-Lou


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