Father's Day at our house (week late no breafast in bed)

I was asked by Roberts Bakery to throw a little surprise Father's Day Breakfast in bed for Mr. C.  On Father's Day, the kids usually make a little card for Mikey.  We don't usually get him a gift, although last year in Tesco on the Monday after, I picked up a gimmicky pint glass 'Dapper Dad', it was reduced to about 50p, so he got that!

He says he's not bothered, I'm bothered about Mother's Day, I like the fuss, and now Lizzy is older, she drags her poor old Dad round the Trafford Centre looking for the perfect gift.  The days of homemade necklaces are behind me... but how fetching they looked!
Morning face, wooden bead bling! 
So last week on Father's Day weekend, we had chance to off our kids on the Saturday night, sod Father's Day morning, off the kids went to stay over with Nana and Granddad. This week, I tried to get up earlier than Mr. C, but he was out running before I could get the toaster on! 

So here we are all of us having breakfast come brunch, as usual for convenience, all of us having something different... 

Thinking about the bread from Roberts Bakery, we use the half white/half wholemeal loaf, very nice bread and worth noting, it was 50p less than the other big brands (in Morrisons anyhow).  Roberts Bakery sells itself on being light and fluffy, yes I concur, very fluffy and soft, even after a few days, we shopped for this Weds and it was still good going on Sunday morning.  A fairly local, lesser known brand, we should be supporting bakeries such like. I'll always look them out now anyhow. 

Going back to Fathers Day, Mr. C I don't think he really does mind, us skimming over it that is, we did pick him up some chocolates and a beautiful Man City keyring (these were late too....).  I didn't even upload a picture of him with the kids last Sunday (I am crap aren't I?).  But bless him, he knows we love him every Sunday... and besides he's not my dad...
Found this on her laptop, ah she loves him xx

See this link for those that got breakfast in bed right, I love all the homemade cards, very sweet.  facebook.com/RobertsBakeryUK

xx Emma-Lou


  1. it looks like you all had a lovely time :-) love bec xx


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