Girls night in with Macmillian

The things I do for charity.... 

Last night a mate invited me round for a girls night in party round at hers.  Ah she'd obviously gone to a lot of trouble, with lovely food and wine a plenty.  She'd sent off from Macmillian, for lovely green table wear, and lovely green three tiered cake stands.

One of the girls had organised party games, very silly really, us with sticky bits of paper stuck to our foreheads, I was Audrey Hepburn... (who knew she was Belgian). Prior to the party she'd emailed round asking us for three interesting facts, this ended up a riot, guessing which fact belonged to who.  From this I gleaned I have very interesting friends: 

  • One of us streaked at a cricket match 
  • One of us got dry-humped by a prolific indie-band super star (unless it was all in her imagination ----clue----)
  • One of is a descendent of a nobel prize winner 
  • One of us is a div and wore clear framed glasses to a job interview without realising one of the lens had come out (yes that was me)
Ahh... loveheart girls night in!

We had a little raffle, some prizes were better than others (The Jackie Collins novel was a hoot!).  I picked up, a bag of swizzels sweeties (worth the tenner I paid in raffle tickets alone), bubble bath and a bath pillow.  
What a win, have jaw-ache now though!

So with a little organising, one of you host the event at your gaff and lay on a bit of food, one of you do some little games (my fave was win, lose or draw), the others bring bottles of fizz and a few quid. 

Lindsey my pal raised £150 for Macmillian, we had a riot, win win! 

Now the weather is warming, a great excuse to get your girls round and do a little bit for a wonderful charity, link here MacMillian Night In

xx Emma-Lou 


  1. This sounds like so much fun, and for a good cause too! May have to think about doing something like this with my friends! xx

  2. The sweets !! I want them all !! I love these kind of things.You get to hang out with your friends but it's all for a good cause

    Oresiri xx


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