Booze and Emma-Lou

How much do you drink?  It's a tricky question?  How honest are people in their reply.  People have me pegged as drinking a lot, mostly as I do show off a bit on FB! From time to time I take stock and look at my intake. I don't think I drink too much; well not enough to worry about, I tend not to binge drink (people will be spitting their coffee out with this statement... but I'll come back to it).
So, in a normal week, I'll do my shopping, mental list, bread, milk, cat food, red wine... I do buy one bottle of red wine every week on my weekly shop.  I tend not to drink Monday and Tuesday (not sure why these days are left out, but I try and head to bed earlier on these nights as per my new year resolution).  So Weds/Thurs/Friday that bottle of red wine, will be one or two small glasses after tea, when I'm settling down.  To be honest I'm a bit weak when it comes to red wine, even one small glass has me giddy, I certainly wouldn't be able to drive I don't think. 
Saturday, Mr C and will share a bottle of something (Cava is my Saturday booze of choice), I'll always have a little port before bed (okay, okay it's not to be described as a small measure, a hefty measure of port... I love the stuff!).
Sunday, I might have a bottle of two of beer if we head out visiting, or perhaps a glass of wine. Sunday evening, I usually have one or two glasses of wine.
Now, if I go partying, out for dinner, clubbing, work do's, BBQs, weddings, christenings, hen do's, etc I will drink more, and I won't lie, I do get more than a bit pissed.   These occasions, aren't that often perhaps once a month? What's funny about me, I'm not mad keen on cocktails or shots (obv I will drink a shot if one is foisted on me, but I can live without it). My drink repertoire: wine, water, coffee, port, Becks.... and Pimms on a sunny day).
Is that a lot, when in the past I've tried working out units... I get confused... but I don't think it's enough to worry about? 
Anyhow, what got me thinking of this, I was asked by Eisberg to try some alcohol free wine!  I know; me!  At first I was like "As if!"... I'm big and clever, I don't drink alcohol free booze...
But on thinking about it I thought 'yes', I'll give it a try.  So I did, I opted for a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon.  Taste wise, yes I liked it a lot, it doesn't necessarily taste unlike alcohol.  I'd liken it to a really sweet bottle of red.  Worth noting for those diet conscious, it's really low in calories. 
It was honoured to use my posho Malbec glass
So would I drink this again, do you know what, I would.  As it goes, I don't like to have more than a beer or small glass during the day (I try to hang on till early evening).  There are loads of occasions when not drinking is a better idea... when you're miles from home and would prefer to drive, when you're up the duff, breastfeeding, have kids about.  If I went to an afternoon party and this was in the offering, I'd certainly choose it over a soft drink (I've an aversion to fizzy drinks that are on tap in pubs). 
Just this Friday I went to a BBQ, I noticed a lady (who actually was very kind and drove me home) was drinking alcohol free beer.  She was clearly having a good time, she danced and joined in the merriment.  Perhaps too much emphasis is put on having to drink to unwind and you need it to have fun.  Surely, chatting and relaxing with friends, and the actual event is the key feature?
I don't know, perhaps I'll take stock again, but if Eisberg was available on one of my Sunday drives out to a rural pub, I'd deffo have one.
xx Emma-Lou
This was actually my beverage of choice this Saturday evening!


  1. How interesting! I'm the same - I'd never have thought of drinking alcohol-free wine, because if I'm not drinking, I'm not drinking! Diet coke does fine! But sometimes I do really really fancy a glass of wine and it's usually at the times when I'm driving. Maybe I'll give this a try!
    Jen x

  2. I'm the same! I sometimes think er Emma maybe you should calm down. Haha I wish I was a lover of red wine, but I'm all about gin! Xxx


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