The start of a beautiful relationship and the demise of another... Hungry House & BB

When I was at Blog On a few weeks ago, I picked up a little voucher from Hungry House, the takeaway ordering website.  To be honest, ordering the takeaway falls under Mr C's remit, and he usually uses JustEat.  Anyhow, we had a lovely meal (think it was Thai the first time), and Hungry House got in touch and asked me did I want another voucher and would I like to do a little review.  Now, who'd turn down takeaway food?  My little here blog is moving forward and I'm to do reviews it seems... Fancy one day I might get a luxury cruise... 

It was a big night for us....
My 27th birthday fell on the Saturday of the last bank holiday weekend, so we'd been out for slap up meal in town. We wouldn't usually have a takeaway on a Sunday, but with it being an extended weekend and we'd been gearing up to this particular night... our final episode of Breaking Bad.  I can't tell you how much I've loved having Walt and co in my life for the last 12 months, it's with a sad heart we finished the series (I might future blog my BB enthusiasm).  

So as I say Mr C usually orders the takeaway (bless him), in years gone by we'd phone through orders and then have to scrabble round for cash in the house; more than once we had to break into the kids money banks.  It's miles better being able to pay securely online, also having a menu there on screen is handy (instead of pulling out your rubbish correspondence kitchen drawer trying to locate the dog-eared Indian menu). 

Info gleaned from Mr C about his ordering experience using Hungry House (and comparing to JustEat): 
  • The website looks better, well designed (and frankly like they've spent money on it)
  • The choice of outlets to our postcode is great, can't think of a cuisine we weren't able to access 
  • After your transaction is complete, an email is generated, confirming your order and notifying you of any time changes that might occur

So we used, Bella House a Chinese and Oriental establishment, they got my thumbs up as soon as I unearthed this beauty. 
Mr C's favourite price!

Nice food, delivered in good time, pleasant exchange on the doorstep, would be keen to use again.  

We liked Hungry House so much we used them again the next night (greedy piggies that weekend!), we used them for Thai at Wendy Thai Fusion, we've eaten here before and been impressed with the quality of food.  So it's worth noting the choice of eateries isn't limited to straight up takeaway places. 

So, to sum up, cheers...
To, Walt, Jessie, Saul, Hungry House...
I kid you not I really did toast Breaking Bad. 

xx Emma-Lou


  1. Thats good you had a good experience with them, sadly the takeaways in my area aren't the best and I got food poising when I used my Blog On Voucher :(

    Sounds like a good birthday weekend and I still haven't seen any breaking bad xx

  2. I would happily accept hungry house voucher every day.. ;) I would eat and leave review.. every night :D

  3. I know, the beauty of takeaway, eating in the lounge with the kids out the way in bed.... Bliss x

  4. We're having Tuesday night take away through hungry house tonight! :) I agree about the website/app much better than justeat :)


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