Bucket List

I was chatting to pal just back from Glastonbury; she was full of it, really buzzing from her first festival experience, she's  not dead old or that, but she said it was on her sort of bucket list, got me thinking.... What's my bucket list, so I'm 35... by the time I'm 55:

1.  I'd like to see an Ashes test match in Australia. 

2.  Tour through Europe, take a few weeks from work, fly into France, then train it across the continent, stopping and staying as the mood took me (this is a pipe dream, there's no way I'd ever not have a hotel pre-booked... my biggest fear.... I'd end up in one of those.... *breathe*... hostels.... shudder). 

3. Learn to play an instrument of some sort, I've toyed with the acoustic guitar, but I'd have to shorten down my nails.... I just couldn't do it! 

4.  Learn to swim properly, I currently can manage 60 seconds of breast stroke; but I don't look great, I look like I'm drowning. 

5.  Finish my OU English Literature degree... thing with OU study you have to be self-motivated, that's where I struggle!  It's not that really, kids/work/house/pals/pets seem to take priority on my time.

6.  Bake bread.

7.  Print and organise the 15,000 photos I've got ready for snapfish. 

8.  I'd like a doggie, a little westie named Trevor (wuff wuff) 

9.  Write something, not to be published, but I think I have a short story in me, prob of the Mills and Boon calibre... I'd like to pen something anyhow. 

10.  Get back to my rightful place on breakfast telly... 

Right, so I'm not that ambitious, I'll have these boxed off no doubt!  

xx Emma-Louise 


  1. Your rightful place on breakfast telly? You have to tell me about that! I'm intrigued now :) with you on the story and the degree too. Good luck - seems like a doable list to me ;) x

  2. You must be the only person in the world to have missed my harping on about being on the telly.... I'll post you a link x


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