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More invitations to attend posho events, Stephanie Ledigo asked me along to the relaunch of Bem Brasil in Altrincham.   I was more and more looking forward to going along to this one as every time I mentioned it to anyone they'd exclaim "I've been to the one in Manchester, the food is amazing".  It seems that every single person I know has been except me, hold on have they all been going without me, why haven't they invited me, did they have a party there and miss me out, I'm probably just being paranoid... don't my friends like me...

So I did toy with wheeling Mr. C out, it's right up his street, all that meat on skewers... but after our anniversary break to Harrogate we used up our babysitters. My pal Ruth was happy to go along with me, and we don't see enough of each other. 

Here we are in our Brazil colours 

From start to finish the whole evening was so well laid on.  Bem Brasil lends itself to bigger groups, it's such a social way of eating.  You pitch up, have some drinks at the bar, then you head to your table, where you're directed to a buffet style area where you can fill up on starters and side dishes.  Really authentic Brazilian foods, pastas, salads, rice, fishy things; very tasty and moorish! 

Once you get back to your seat, on the condition your red/green card is flipped to green, the meat skewers keep coming, and they came and they came.  Such lovely service too, once I got to grips with my tongy things, I was away trying things I wouldn't usually, and that's the thing, you can do that here, you can dismiss or fill your boots as little or as much as you want. 

As ever my pics are crap, but meat skewers a plenty!

What's funny and I do this at home a lot, I was well fed and happily sated, so flipped my card over to red.  But every time a new skewer came round, I hurriedly flipped my card over to green.  I'm glad I did too... or I'd have missed out on the sweetest pineapple I've ever had, gorgeous it was. 

I would imagine, in a big group this way of eating would out well, when the bill comes in, you could just split it evenly rather than that uncomfortable long-drawn out working out process (grim I've lost hours of my life here). 

We had live music... guessing Brazilian themed.  We had wonderful dressed for the part Brazilian greeters, gorgeous girls, who were so lovely and gave me a little tutorial on the art of selfie taking, tbh I thought I knew it all... but you have to raise it up and zoom down! 
Always impressed my live music 

Carnival attire! 

It seems though I was in the company of celebrity!  Typically I didn't notice, I did recognise faces, but assumed they must live near me in Chorlton!  I was asked by an MEN newsman if I was famous... strangely for me I as a bit coy... and said "No".  Of course I am, Emma-Lou look at you... next time I'll be ready. 

I did still make it onto the MEN website, and was awed to learn I was in the company of footballers, X Factor contestants and other such famous folk.  If you click 150 times though the gallery you'll spot me and my mate in the celeb section of the Manchester Evening News

Thanks to Bem Brasil for having me, and to Stephanie Ledigo who put on a good show.  

xx Emma-Lou 


  1. The food was delicious wasn't it. I was like you and didn't realise who was from xfactor or footballers

  2. The pineapple from there is epic!

  3. It is! I wonder what it is they do to it that makes it taste so good x

  4. I've never been to one of those restaurants, but been to a similar sounding one in my university days. Sounds really tasty?


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