Eating out with Kids, who knew it could be a nice experience... TC Cafe Rouge

Mr. C abandoned us to Blackpool on a stag do' last weekend, so I was left to fend for myself against the two children (tbh I didn't fancy my chances).  So it was timely that an opportunity came about for the three of us to eat out on Saturday afternoon; we were asked by Cafe Rouge to check out their new children's menu.  

Mr. C and I quite often when we're out and about in town will head to Cafe Rouge for their lovely late afternoon lunch menu.  We've always rated the service and menu, but I'm not sure why it's never struck us to take the children.  Probably as they jump up and down for Frankie and Benny's. 

So we headed to the busy busy Trafford Centre for 2pm on a rainy Saturday afternoon. From the moment we arrived the staff made such a lovely fuss of the children, not in your face, but I suppose just treating them like people.  The menu was given to the children and the first thing to impress me was how it was presented, the items listed in French first.  I was also impressed that there was more than a couple of mains to choose from.  I always allow the kids to choose for themselves, it's one of the nice things about eating out I think.  

Spoil sport "No cheese mama"

The menu folds out into a colouring page with puzzles, both Liz and Willow enjoyed this, me I enjoyed the peace in between courses. 

Waiting nicely his fork poised for action!

Learning about all things French 

It's not often starters are laid on for kids, so it was a nice surprise they had something as I had my tuna pate. 
Fancy!  Artisan bread

If I'm honest, eating on my own with the kids on a Saturday afternoon at the Trafford Centre, I wasn't expecting to feel quite so relaxed and enjoy the meal as I did.  But I do enjoy the company of my kids, I'm lucky they do wait nicely and are well behaved. I unwound so much, I even ordered a glass of wine!  
Wine and crayola! 

The food brought out was of good standard, like care is given to the kids, rather than all grim fried fish-fingers or chicken nuggets.  Eating out is about good quality food, so why should children be catered for as a second thought, and given dreadful food with limited choice.  

The puddings were great, there are a few options that can be put together, it's nice to see waiting staff interacting with kids as they order (there's no way I could remember their specific orders).  

My dinner dates! 

Tucking in
I was impressed with Cafe Rouge, for more than the quality of food (which at £7 for starter, main, dessert and drink is great value); with a little respect given to children, a decent menu, a distraction of giving them something to look at and colour, eating out with them can be quite nice. 

I'm certain as we get about this summer, London and Devon, we'll look out Cafe Rouge, hell I might even let Mr. C tag along. 

xx Emma-Lou 


  1. so glad you had a good time! super cute kids too!
    feel free to check out my blog and let me know what you think!
    love, rach

  2. Super cute kids, have to agree! Thank you xxx Emma-Lou

  3. Hiya its Jess, Cafe Rouge looks soo nice I'd love to go and review it for my blog, I would love to know what u think of it,


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