The Returned and not too busy at all (no moaning here)


It's me, it's been so long since I blog blogged I forgot what font I use. 

I won't go on about how busy I've been, because when I hear people moan on about being busy, I think "Bore off... nobody is busier than me... and I'm dead busy and I'm perfect and manage to squeeze it all in... if you really wanted to like, you'd make the time to do the things that you're moaning you're far too busy for" (long winded but I think I get my own point... a bit).

But I have been busy.  If I had my life over, I'd have my babies in June and July, January and February babies are just too inconvenient... also in my other life, I'd manage said babies expectations that a party every year is excessive.  In between all this, Mr. C, who rarely likes a fuss turned forty and I made him celebrate with a big party.  I know, how can I be old enough to have a husband so old.  

Anyhow, I'm back.... and happy and calm lately... so will have a think of some amazing blog posts....  watch this space.... 

xx Emma-Lou 

This is me looking calm, in actuality... two mins late, Willow heard a funny joke and laughed so hard... he wee'd on me... the calm lasted a record two minutes... true story ask BF Priya 


  1. Ha ha! I remember that day well. I think you were showing off about how relaxed you were. And the lovely Will kept you busy �� X

    1. It's a good job you can laugh about being wee'd on!


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