Cocktail Connoisseur these days.... Be At One Manchester

Last week, I was invited along to a trendy new cocktail bar, of course being a girl about town trendsetter, this is right up my street #obvs. 

Be At One is in a good location in Manchester Town Centre, just off St. Anne's Square, near Barton Arcade.  On arrival, you sort of head down and round a fancy stairwell, to a meet and greet desk manned by gorgeous looking, friendly girls.   Now to be honest, I've never been a massive fan for cocktails, I like, wine, water, coffee and the occasional red stripe when I'm feeling indie.  So when I do join in, I tend not to look at menu's and go for Long Island Iced Tea.  

But my work mate, Coxy, who more than anybody I know needed a good drink last week, who bless was having a mare at work, she is more experimental than me and wasn't having any of my disinterest in cocktails.  We had quite a few I won't lie (I of course blame her, I hardly drink, practically tee total)....  

Ahh work buds... ever so slightly squiffy
How pleased with ourselves do we look? 

Why why why have I never in all my puff experienced a Pornstar Martini... this is the best cocktail in the world, ever. In fact I joked on FB that I'd never drink anything else, even replacing it with my 10:30 brew! 

Be At One looks the part, it's smart, nicely done out.  The music was ace, some newer mixes of some old school 80s tunes. Anywhere that plays a-ha gets my attendance.  The bar was busy, I like that, and cocktails aren't easy to make, if you're making them well, but the staff handled it without fuss, and chatted to you while you waited, I actually liked standing watching them mix up the cocktails, I was watching carefully to see if I could nail a Pornstar Matini later at home myself (you know a little nightcap!), but buggar I didn't have any passion fruit liqueur in!   The staff milling round were dead nice too, asking how we enjoyed drinks as they took glasses away.  

For a work do, a couple of cocktails with you beau after a nice meal, girls night out, I'd defo recommend Be At One, it really does have a nice vibe. 

xx Emma-Lou


  1. It was lovely to see you there! I'd never had a porn star martini til that night either but I think I had enough to last me for a while... Lol x


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