Works out for Summer....

Hurray the summer holidays are here.  It's been a long school year.  Towards the end of term, I was finding the school run a real slog.  I do work part-time, but still work 30 hours over five days, so I'm only a little bit part-time.  I try not to moan as I do think I'm lucky that I get to work almost full time, and have the flexibility to do many of the drop off/pick ups. 

So, yeah with assemblies, school trips, leaving gifts, parties, costumes, children who are forgetful with their gear, etc.  I'll stop there, my blood pressure is rising...  I was glad to finish. I'm lucky that we have grandparents that can step in, and Mr. C takes his share of covering holidays, but call me soppy, I want to spend some of my annual leave from work with my husband rather than separating our leave days to cover the kids. It's harder to find childcare for our Willow, bless he'd hate an all day sports club, he wouldn't cope.  I'm sure in years to come, he'll get to grips with holiday clubs, but for now, we have to keep him close. 

In May half-term, I had to work for the most part, and childcare was  nearly the killing of me.  I was stuck in traffic, between picking up children, son-child from Lymm, and daughter-child from Bramhall, then back home to Chorlton (45 mile round trip)... as my bottom ached from all the sitting, I shuddered thinking of summer holidays and decided there and then something had to give.  So, I applied for some unpaid leave, and it was granted, and happily I have the whole of August off with my darling children!  

I can't wait, it's going to be ace.  That said a lot of it is, unpaid, but hey ho, they say the best things in life are free.  Which is not true, as you have to pay for Malbec and bars of Whole Nut!  But, you can't put a price on mental health, and it's going to be a millions times better for my stress having that time away from work.   

I'm going to here blog a little diary of our little trips out, mostly so we can personally look back and think 'what an ace summer that was'.  

Plan is to try and do a lot of them on the cheap, let me know if you hear of anything exciting and free going on. 

Mostly I'll be restraining our Willow all Summer!

xx Emma-Lou 


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