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New Year... Resolutions...

Happy New Year to all!   Resolutions, well I'm clearly an expert on them, so much so I was called as an official expert on the telly this morning.  Actually, my strap line on BBC Breakfast was 'Emma-Louise Cullen, Blogger'.... well it's been quite a while, but to kowtow to the BBC's image of me.... here I am, Emma-Louise Cullen blogger!  So resolutions, well usually I have a list, here is my list from 2016 (not exhaustive):   to read a book a week  to gym every other day  to spend 30 minutes a day playing with each of my children  cleanse, tone, moisturise limit Facebook  banish the biscuits  limit coffee to one per day  blow dry/style hair everyday  all the time spending NO MONEY  Well I kept to errr none of those, I did read more, but alas I didn't get to the grand total of 52!  I wonder looking back at this list; did I at the time feel guilty about not spending so much time with the kids.  This isn't a concern for me at the