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Not making lists #SISILTDBND

I'm a girl who like lists.   I make a list every night before I go to bed, as I eat my breakfast, as I drive into work, during my working day.  These are often mental lists but I write them down too. Obvs I have a lovely collection of list books from Paperchase. I mostly tick things off, the more practical sort of task:  Check out online shop  Post birthday card Mop throughout downstairs RSVP to such-a-body's kids party PayPal for Y6 collection  These are sort of important, dull certainly, but to a degree vital to the workings of family life.  It's the other things I put down:  Read for half-hour or 50 pages Don't go on FB Don't eat any biscuits  WhatsApp three friends Make time to read with Willow for 30 minutes  Drink herbal brews instead of coffee These sort of additions seldom get ticked off.  As they sit un-ticked, often copied to my new/next day list, I feel the pressure of them.  It's silly I myself put myself under this undu